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Someone please name a list of law enforcement special operations?

Already know SWAT and FBI HRT. Im doing a project on it

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    Outside of SWAT and FBI HRT here in the U.S. there are these from Hong Kong.

    Police Tactical Unit (PTU): they are a paramilitary riot control unit of the Hong Kong Police Force. The Police Tactical Unit provides an immediate manpower reserve for use in any emergency, Unit companies are attached to all land Regions and are available for internal security, crowd control, anti-crime operations, disaster response and riot control throughout Hong Kong.

    Special Duties Unit(SDU): is an elite paramilitary tactical unit of the Hong Kong Police Force. Established in July 1974, it is a sub-division of the Police Tactical Unit (PTU). Its primary functions include counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and dealing with crimes (usually involving firearms) which are considered too dangerous for regular police to handle. The unit was formerly trained by the British SAS before the handover of Hong Kong to China

    In Mainland China they have the Beijing Special Weapons and Tactics Unit also known as Beijing Special Police Force is a police unit in the People's Republic of China that deals with incidents beyond the capabilities of normal patrol officers such as hostage situations, high risk warrants and riot control. The unit, along with the Snow Leopard Commando Unit, was tasked with many of the security responsibilities of the 2008 Summer Olympics. It is reputed to be one of the most well-equipped and well-trained of all the SWAT/Special Police Units in the PRC. It is under the control of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

    In Toronto Canada they have what is called the Emergency Task Force (ETF) in their police force. It is mandated to deal with high risk situations like hostage taking, emotionally disturbed persons, high risk arrests, warrant service and protection details. non-SWAT Riot and Emergency Squad emerged in 1961.Part of its role is now undertaken by the ETF, Public Safety and Emergency Management and the Mounted Unit. There was 5 season TV series called Flashpoint about a fictional team called Strategic Response Unit (SRU), it is based on the Emergency Task Force.

    Russia has the OMON (Otryad Mobilniy Osobogo Naznacheniya, Special Purpose Mobile Unit) (ОМОН) is a generic name for the system of special units of Politsiya (police) within the Russian and earlier the Soviet MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). As of 2012, there is an OMON unit in every oblast of Russia, as well as in many major cities; for example, there is an OMON unit within the Moscow City police department, and two separate units within Moscow Oblast police department. OMON also continues to exist in Belarus and some other post-Soviet territories following the dissolution of the Soviet Unio

    Japan's is the Special Assault Team a paramilitary counter terrorism unit under the Japanese National Police Agency.[1] The SAT is mandated, along with the Anti-Firearms Squad and the Counter-NBC Terrorism Squad, for counterterrorism missions and incidents involving firearms or criminals which require an armed response beyond the capabilities of local law enforcement in Japan. Most information on the unit has been confidential, its existence officially revealed only in 1996.

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    Every jurisdiction has different names. The two you talk about have to do with spacial tactics and weapons. There are special operations for bicycle officers used for crowd control and anti terrorist work, special operations for public vehicle law enforcement such as making sure cabs and limos are legit.

    Just saying special operations means little.

    In many areas what you call SWAT can be called tactical teams (even in most SWAT teams some of the officers are called tactical operators), HBT or Hostage/ Barricade/Terrorist teams

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    SRU (strategic response unit) is another name for SWAT/HRT

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