How can the NRA help the ATF?

We all know that we don't need new guns laws that are more restrictive, we just need to do a better job of enforcing existing gun laws that are perfectly good and already on the books.

We also understand that the ATF is not a legislative body; in fact, the NRA has far more to do with determining what laws are on the books.

The ATF does the other thing. It enforces those perfectly good laws, which is what the NRA wants, yes? After all, helping them do a good job helps ensure that new, more restrictive legislation fails to gain traction.

So how can the NRA help the ATF? What should it be doing to help, and how can that be accomplished?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Fat chance.

    The ATF has decades of being hostile to gun owners and gun dealers. They have a record of abuses a mile long. Fast & Furious, Randy Weaver and Waco were all ATF Fuckups. And those are just the three you've probably heard about. There are hundreds of others.

    You don't seek to help those who attack you. You seek to render them powerless.

  • 0110
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    8 years ago

    They can stop their lobbying efforts to keep any type of gun listing by serial numbers to be computerized. Currently any dealer selling a gun has to keep a record BUT the records need not be kept on any specific type of form or filed in any certain way. The info also is not sent to ATF until and unless the dealer goes out of business. Even then the law does not allow the ATF to computerize the information.

    ATF also cannot hook up electronically to the records of the few states that do require registration.

    NRA can also stop blocking registration or transfer information on guns sold by individuals.

    While it is true that bad guys won;t register guns most bad guys on the street level get their weapons from burglars who steal from normal. Being able to trace a weapon to a normal person would go a long way to being able to trace a weapon recovered in a crime to a bad guy or a least the burglar who took it.

    Also would help apprehend burglars since the impetus of the shooting would allow for more police resources to be used to solve the burglary.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    B.Todd Jones is just one example of the poor leadership of the ATF who is just a puppet of Obama. Their are so many bad accounts of the ATF and some of their shenanigans the NRA is not interested in helping them, actually the NRA watch dogs them and keeps them inline and basically controls them to quite an extent. So no I do not see the NRA helping the ATF do anything now or in the future.

  • Bob B
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    8 years ago

    The best way for it to help would be to provide the ATF with information as it needs, co-operate with investigations, and do what it can to help. It also should make sure it has a policy of denouncing serious gun crime, and not protecting criminals.

    The catch is that it often takes a blanket "guns are good" policy and won't tolerate ANY level of regulation of firearms- such an obstructive approach simply provides incentive for further regulation, if the industry won't regulate itself.

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  • 8 years ago

    One recurring theme is that the NRA has been pressuring the Department of Justice to prosecute criminals found in possession of illegal firearms. They've met limited success, but they keep plugging along.

  • lost 1
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    8 years ago

    The ATF was arming Gangs and the Drug Cartels Who would trust them??????

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