Will the arbritaje in Mexico ever improve?

Two unexistent penalties and one unexistent handball in the area. Unfair red-card all against Cruz Azul today in the game vs Veracruz. I hope that ref gets a punishment.


BQ(NMFR):How's your favorite MLB team doing? Mine is in first place.


@ Running 2 well sir it's going to be a good series and I expect my dodgers to win the series and help Manny Machado and Miguel Gonzalez orioles reach the Rays hehe xD. No but I think the wild card will be between Orioles and Rays running 2.

Running 2. Will the Yankees try to snatch Even Longoria away from the Rays? Since A-rod magic is dead.

Update 2:

@Running 2

Myers and Loney have been great lately for the Rays and are two players to watch out for. Come on you gotta admit the O's have a good team too hehe xD. I admire alot Miguel Gonzalez sadly he had a bad night vs the Astros last Thursday. These last two months are gonna get interested I agree. In my opinion Redsox are the favs to win the World Series. Hmm well true but the yanks are gonna be smart enough next season to try and sign younger players who are doing great like Pirates third baseman. Running 2 my moment of the week was the Pirate sweeping the cardinals that was just :0 my dream NLCS is Dodgers vs Pirates

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    It does need to improve, maybe more courses or harder courses.

    BQ: Doing fine, lost yesterday but we're there. Rays vist dodgers next week i believe, get scared D07

    Haha! Orioles who?? seriously though, its gonna get very interesting these two months. I expect a good series next Friday, get to see two great rookies, wil myers and puig. I think Longo will stay, the Yankees are notorious for buying older players.

    Definetly, they have been doing good, hope it continues, we need Longo doing it as well. Evan hasn't been hot as of lately. The Orioles have been a good team for sometime now, I'm not counting them out, its not over till its over. I don't think the Yankees will look into their youth, they have lots of cash lol. Pirates are unbelievable, the central might look tight aslo, I rank it the 2nd best divison in baseball.

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    America 3-0

  • 6 years ago

    America Campeon, thoughts?

    Yo si le voy a America y tu?

    America 3 - Atlas 0

    Source(s): Nah jk but yh the arbitros are shit. Don't think it will change :$
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    We need vela stfu

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    Idk man I'm watching America play but yea refs are garbage nowadays

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