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How do I get back the girl I love? I swear I feel like my hearts gonna explode?

Sometimes it gets SO hard, srsly, breathing gets rly hard and I can't control myself I get Sooooo sad like I get into this really deep depression sadness for a bit. I love her soooooo much. Plz font say its a crush, I've had many crushes in the past and the feelings to away within days. It's been more then a month that I have lost her and I still miss her SOOOOO MUCH. I care abt her and am worried abt her, her Mom was a bit sick and she may be pressured into marriage by her family. I swear to God I love her SOooo much, she's beautiful, pious and perfect in everyway I swear. I miss her like crazy and I'm not a kid. My whole life I hated the idea of marriage and it made me feel suffocated but I just can't be without her.

Sometimes these rly deep waves come, like I always miss her and want her back and fel insha Allah God will bring her back to me. But then their are these times where a Super deep depression hits me when I think of her and I get a shortness of breath and I feel so down.

I would chase after her I swear I would go to the other side of the world for her, but I don't have any of her contact info and she deleted her email.

Plz make dua I marry her insha Allah and we start talking soon.

Plz email me Tam I miss u.


@unkwon: I asked for dua TO marry her. I Wish I was married to her

@frank: like im gonna take advice from a blaring racist who spends a great portion of his life trolling, no thx ;)

Update 2:

@Sabrina: where's ur hijab? Jk lol. It's more complicated then that, she loved me very dearly

Update 3:

@Mindy: No, love is not against the law, lol

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    Even though Frank does come off a bit 'racist' at times from other posts (Sorry Frank, but you do tend to (: ), I do agree with what he says here. Cut your losses and be happy! Look at it this way, if she cared about you and had those same feelings, she'd give you other means of contacting her, right?


    I actually agree with you. I put quotation marks around the word racist because your criticisms don't necessarily match with the definition but that kind of criticism is usually, and wrongly, labeled as racism and that's why I used it. Among Muslims, that's how that sort of criticism is identified. There's nothing wrong with criticizing a religion or its followers; more power to you. However, your criticism is holey and incomplete, and inclined from bias. That's where people get the word 'racism' from. I think the most appropriate word is prejudice. Your criticism towards Islam is prejudiced. Is that applicable? I sense that you take high offense to that aforementioned word usage and I am deeply sorry.


    Hah I wear it only during prayer time! And I see. Well I wish you the best and hope things get situated. She'll come around soon then. (:

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  • 7 years ago

    Bro, You have literally filled your heart with this girl. Heart is such a thing, if you took out all the blood out it would immediately be filled with air. A heart always needs something to be attached too weather its music, alcohol, girl, its constantly desiring something to cling on too.

    You seem to have totally let your heart cling onto 1 person and all your desires are focused on one person and that is dangerous bro. Heart NEEDS to and Should be filled with the Love and fear of Allah only!!!

    What you need to do from an Islamic point of view is arrange a meeting with her guardian and ask for her hand in marriage. If it works out fine, if it doesnt then bro you need to back off.

    That same heart should yern for Allah, not a created being of his!

    Try to live under Islamic guidlines and then see the inner piece you have....

    Allah knows best!

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  • 7 years ago

    To be honest you will never get a girl back by acting like you are, you will only scare her off.

    Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on.



    What have I ever said that was "racist"?

    @ Sabrina

    Islam and Muslims are not a "race" so my comments are not racist. "Racist" is the belief that one race is superior to another and I certainly don't believe that, I believe all humans are equal. Saying I am "racist" just because I am critical of Islam or the behaviour of some Muslims as well as other religions doesn't make me a "racist".

    Would you kindly...

    Source(s): Frank Fontaine
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    More severe is that when you fall in love with Nature, then you will cut your parts really.

    Girl is just a piece of it.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Judging by your previous questions you seem a bit... I mean.. really clingy. She wouldn't want that. It's creepy. If she doesn't want you then LEAVE HER ALONE. She could have you arrested for God's sake.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It is about time you move on and face it she is gone 0% it is not happening face it and get rid of that hope if is not happening

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  • 7 years ago

    Zen dude maybe your coming off too needy to her or something make her want you bro

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  • schrum
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    3 years ago

    Slam Please bypass to her and her mom and dad and tell them you like their daughter lots and you waant to marry her as nicely the will arises make duas to Allah for buying back her.

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  • Joker
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    7 years ago

    Follow your heart!

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  • 7 years ago

    snap out of it....

    trust me, you don't REALLY love her if she does not love you back. grow a spine dude.

    tough love here for you bro. SNAP OUT OF IT. save your affection for those who deserve it.

    Source(s): i know pretty much everything about women
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