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Name of film about boy using Sherlock Holmes' methods?

As the title says, I'm searching for the name of this film about this young man (not a boy, per say, possibly in his 20's) who has read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, and needs to apply them to real life when faced with a mystery. I saw an ad for it a long while ago, and don't remember much else. Couldn't find it online when I googled it. All that came up was that Robert Downey Jr. mumbo-jumbo. Anyway, does anyone know the name? And has anyone here watched it? I'd like to hear your opinion on it if you have.


It's not Encyclopedia Brown. The character is a grown man, in his 20's, and I don't think it's based on a book.

Update 2:

Both of you were wrong, although the second answer was at least plausible. It was an indie film, though, not a series, and I found it by narrowing down my search a bit more.

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    Encyclopedia Brown is one of them

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    They might be giants?

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