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How do i make my makeup last longer?

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    Start off with a clean, moisturized face. Find a good primer that is silicon based because it will make your face smooth and fill in any lines. Next, find a long wearing foundation that has the same main ingredient as your moisturizer i.e. if your moisturizer is oil-free, your foundation should be oil-free as well so that they don't repel each other and it stays on your face longer. When setting your face with powder, use a powder puff and roll it onto your face instead of swirling it with a powder so that it locks in the liquid foundation. Finally, use a good setting spray to take away the powdery look and make your makeup last all day. Try not to touch your face the whole day and avoid hot conditions that will make you sweat.

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    Apply primer before putting on the makeup, and use setting spray after. This will help keep the makeup from wearing off as fast. Also, use higher quality makeup. Waterproof makeup normally lasts long. Good luck(:


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    Don't apply too much and invest in perhaps more than one of the product like a back up. Also, clean your brushes maybe once or week or so just to insure that you don't get any spots. Make sure to only use certain colours of make up on special occasions. For instance, if you're going for the Smokey Look, then only use specific colours like grey, blue, dark purples etc. The most important thing to do is ration out the make up basically.

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    Expensive Primer

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    i feel like it has a lot to do with the makeup that is sued..i sue dinair airbrush makeup and it covers u everything making my skin look flalwess and it stays on all day long without me having to retouch it throughout the day...its the first makeup ive had thats been like that so im hooked lol...i hope i helepd in some way =)

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    Setting spray

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    Put it on thick and avoid sweating. Hope this helps.

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