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Geneticist Quesion: Immunity?

How many infections before immunity?

I am trying to find out how many times i would have to get the flu, in order to build an IMMUNITY to it.

As well as the common cold, and all other sicknesses/diseases.

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    It isn't going to happen for influenza because the virus undergoes a change precluding recognition by the immune system nearly every season.

    As for the "common cold", there are myriads of viral species and subspecies(variants) in the adenovirus, coxsackie, enterovirus, and other groups that cause colds - becoming immune to ALL is VERY unlikely.

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    You only need one infection....for that strain. But the flu virus mutates regularly, changing its antigenic coat (which is what your body sees to elicit an immune response) so that makes your immune system see it as a whole new virus.

    About colds, there are many, many different strains of rhinovirus...nearly 100. So it is going to take a lot of colds to work your way through all those strains. As you get older, you'll find tht you do not get colds near as frequently as you do when you are young. I'm 54 and it has been nearly 4 years since I've had a cold. It was not uncommon when I was younger to get a cold or two each year.

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