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as long as I believe, looking forward to will come true


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    So long as you believe, your dream would surely come true some day.


    So long as I believe, my dream would surely come true some day.


    to look forward to something是一個行為(action),意思是:正在期盼某件事發生(應該沒有come true的道理)。如:

    I'm looking forward to working with you.

    He had worked hard and was looking forward to his retirement.


    come true能夠成真的東西應該是夢想之類的東西

    as/so long as: used before saying the conditions that will make something else happen or be true


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    Hi DSG,

    Infinito and I belong to one team working for the same boss. There was a while I couldn't access YK+ and he allowed me to use his ID to answer this question. However, I marked my name.

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    Master 羅莉! Are you and master Infinito - 無極 the SAME person?

    Look like, the answer you gave me to one of my questions to you has discrepancy.

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    Belief makes expection come true.

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    As long as I believe, looking forward to will come true. (X)

    As long as I keep confident, my expectation will come true. (O)

    looking forward to後面必須有受詞, 否則意義不完整; 再者, 若動名詞片語

    looking forward to xxx作為主詞, 與come true這個動作不構成通順語意.


    .....the goal I look forward to will come true.

    <--- the goal後面省略的關代which/that, 是look forward to的受詞.

    Source(s): 羅莉: 文法+語感
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    Truth is believing. 便可以

  • 7 years ago

    As long as I believe the idiomatic expression of looking forward to, it will come true.

    Or As long as I believe the looking forward to idiom, it will come true.

    It is a participial phrase containing a gerund---looking;

    It is well-phrased;

    Having got the participial phrase containing a gerund, you need a subject and verb=it will, to complete the sentence.

    Hence the English idiomatic expression looking forward to is different from the Chinese idiom on lacking something="looking forward to".

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