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竣騰 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago



The balance payment for the consignment will be made no later than the 28th of August so that it clears to you in time before the shipment arrives at Southampton.

Hope this is ok.

Kind Regards,


而我們是代電放方式,那要如何回才好, 謝謝

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  • 羅莉
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    7 years ago
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    沒錯, 客戶將在8/28船到南安普敦之前匯付尾款.

    不過國際匯款常因作業與押款路線而可能需時一至數日, 賣方通常請求於船到一週前匯款, 以免耽誤提貨.

    Dear Xxxx,

    Thanks for your prompt reply on the balance payment.

    As a wire transfer may take one or several days to hit our account, it is

    advisable to effect it about a week before Aug. 28. Your kind effort is highly


    Best regards,

    Xxxx Xxxx

    Source(s): 羅莉 - 資深國際貿易實務經驗
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