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醉人 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago


1.對外國人來說:evaluation form 與assessment form 的差別在哪裡?

2.對外國人來說,將計畫書的內容修改為~這個修改為應該要用modify 比較妥當還是amend比較妥當?

3.如果使用amend,那表示將A方案改為B方案,還是用A amend to B嗎?





現在問題只剩一個:evaluation form 與assessment form ,那其實是一份藥物副作用的評估表,內容包含評估藥物的副作用程度、副作用確定、過往文件確定還有評估者在讀過計畫書後對計畫的意見(有分等級,其中包含了修改計劃書與修改同意書為~的選項與空格),我本來想,或許這份評估的結果夠深入,用evaluation form可能比較恰當,但老大卻把我改成了assessment form,而我不確定老大地恰當還是我地恰當=ˇ=?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Evaluation is designed for and intended to document the level of achievement that has been attained.

    Assessment is nonjudgmental and are designed and intended to be helpful to produce improvement.

    I don't know the situation, so I cannot make suggestion which word to use.

    Modify is to change something, technical or literal.

    Amend is to correct a mistake.

    In your case, again I don't know enough to make suggestion which word to use.


    Plan A is amended to plan B.

    2013-08-03 22:15:20 補充:

    There are TWO other words similar to "modify" and "amend":

    Revise is to look at something again and rectifying if necessary.

    Alter is to change its size style or shape.

    2013-08-03 22:16:00 補充:

    to make amend clearer, I like to add:

    Amend is to change for the better, remove, or correct faults.

    2013-08-03 22:19:10 補充:

    Therefore, "amend" usually is used with law related issues.

    2013-08-04 03:45:06 補充:

    Based upon your description, assessment form is better, because the form is for documenting the level of achievement.

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  • 幻星
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    7 years ago

    assessment vs evaluation

    由此來看assessment 比較適合(單純做出評估)


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