I need relationship advice?

So im 21 have two children 2 and 8 weeks my newborn just left the nicu two weeks ago after a 6 week stay he was 8 weeks early. Ive been with my boyfriend now three years i met him when i was pregnant with my first son. Everything was getting better in our relationship until i brought my second son home hes been "working" long hours. And he thinks its ok to go hang out with friends every weekend. Than today when he told me he was working he came home at 10 hes a mason and doesnt have set hours but he oubviously cant work in the dark he came out in the clear and told me he has been at the bar since 1pm to 10pm he was clearly drunk and when he fell asleep outside i looked through his messages i seen a few on there saying this chic is crazy and weird idk what to think i oubviously cant trust someone who didnt answer my calls all day because his phone was off or dead and decided to go to the bar. When i got with him it wasnt like this at all i cant just tell him to kick rocks because we have a house and kids together idk what to do im so pissed right now i didnt say much about it when he got home cause one he was drunk and two i dont wanna fight around the babies. He is also 37 so i figured he would be a lil more mature than this.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Time will tell. When you've had enough, leave. House & everything is paperwork, your happiness & sanity are more important. you know damn well you can't be as happy with your kids when you're stressed to the max about a man who acts like a scum bag.

    good luck.

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