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Has anyone used the PLR-16 from Kel Tec?

I never used a firearm from Kel Tec before but they do seem intresting. What are your thoughts on the PLR-16 and Kel Tec's firearms in general?

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    6 years ago
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    I own a SU-16B, and I think Jack of Some Trades might have an SU-16 of some sort as well (we're poor California boys where AR-15s aren't worth the trouble).

    Now Kel-Tec isn't a perfect company by any means. They lack high capacity production to meet demand, leading to disappointed potential customers. Quality control also has some minor issues, due in part to their innovative design as well as being sort of a small company.

    For example, the SU-16s (and possible the PLRs since they operate on the same system) may experience two issues in particular: frame cracking and core shifting. Because the receivers are made out of polymer, some owners have reported cracks in the rear of the receiver where the bolt carrier impacts the rear of the receiver. In theory the recoil springs should lessen the impact somewhat, but for whatever reason there have been a few rare reports of frame failures. Core shifting is where the barrel may shift shortly after manufacture, and since the front sight is located on the barrel and the rear sight is located on the receiver, this creates problems when using iron sights (my SU-16B has experienced this). Again, these issues are rare and may have been corrected, but they have happened occasionally.

    Also Kel-Tec firearms may require a bit of smoothing out when you first get them, and it's highly suggested that you polish the bolt carrier for the SU-16s/PLR-16s to achieve maximum reliability. Nothing you can't do in 15 minutes with a $5 jar of polishing cream.

    But... all those caveats aside, I think Kel-Tec is one of the best firearm companies today. When everyone else besides Taurus and FN (and possibly Ruger) have sort of been producing the same things over and over again, Kel-Tec really tries to think differently, and for the most part succeeds. A 30 round handgun with a flush fitting magazine? A 13 shell capacity shotgun shorter than most carbines? A 5.56 carbine that not only can fit in a backpack, but also is light enough to not be a burden? If for nothing else, it's a great idea to buy Kel-Tec products to support innovation in an industry that all too often plays it safe (when Remington thinks it's a good idea to remake the AR-15 and 1911, it's a sad world).

    The SU-16 series is a terrific rifle once broken in. Reliability on mine is that it can go through 300+ rounds with no failures to feed or fire of any type (since I was a poor student at the time I couldn't afford to test it further). Accuracy is pretty good for a light and short barreled carbine, and I was getting 3-4 MOA only using my elbows and a non-magnifying red dot sight (which outshot all the other AR-15s on the range that day except for a .22LR one in a vise). A great rifle for the price, and if Kel-Tec were to make a second improved version and if the SU-16 received more aftermarket support it could easily compete with AR-15s.

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    It is a great pistol (if you want to call it that :) Every weapon has a job that it does better than others, so you must look at the role you have for it, and realistically evaluate its capabilities. From experience I have found that Kel-Tec's quality control CAN be hit and miss. Some weapons get through that have issues, the ones that work seem to work well. Customer service has been good in my experience, so if you do have an issue, they are pretty good about fixing it. Also they do have a "LIMITED" lifetime warranty so even if you shoot out the barrel, or overheat and melt or crack the polymer frame, just send it in for repair. For such a lightweight, piston operated, long range pistol, I think it is a good option (depending on your intended use for it). People knock them for their polymer frames, but unless you intend to dump mag after mag, you prob will never have an issue with it. There is a lot of muzzle flash, and it is VERY VERY loud, so keep that in mind. Recoil is VERY manageable, and with a red-dot or magnification 100yd hits are no problem. Light-weight, very compact, and able to accept std AR15 mags = WINNER all day. Great survival / SHTF platform, though maybe not the best for home defense (simply because you could very well suffer hearing loss were you to fire it indoors without hearing protection). On the other hand because it is so loud, a warning shot could very well be enough to deter further engagement in a WROL type situation (I DO NOT exaggerate, it sounds like a small cannon and a concussive blast that is most def felt). So it def has it's strengths and weaknesses, but overall it is a great long range capable pistol. Your mileage may vary. Good Luck-

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    Yep. Liked it. Lot of muzzle flash, though.

    On that action, I prefer the SU-16 series, myself. Lots of bang for the buck, including a gas piston action, built in sight rail, integral bipod handguard, and for the SU-16C underfolder which shoots even with the stock folded. Also, it's light as hell, which makes it an excellent packing gun, which still takes STANAG AR-15 magazines.

    I will admit, I like Kel-Tec, and I've owned a few. Met George Kellgren and think he's pretty cool, honestly.

    George's designs are innovative, though lately many are derivative of earlier innovations -- but if it works, it works.

    My opinion of Kel-Tec's firearms in general is that they are of excellent value and utility for the money, and it almost seems as though the designs are geared toward defense and survival, which is why I gravitate towards them. I've carried a P32 in my pocket as my "church gun", I've carried a P-11 or PF-9; I've owned several Sub-2000's and they are my absolute favorite "Backpack gun". I've had the SU-16C as my "car gun" for many years before I had to sell it and I still regret selling it to this day. The only guns I've regretted selling more than my Kel-Tecs are my Colts and Glocks.

    One day, I'll actually make the pilgrimage to Kel-Tec.

    Today is not that day; I'm too tired.

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    Plr 16 Reliability

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  • 5 years ago

    They are popular and I heard they were great.

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