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Name game!!!! YAYYY!?!?


*First name

Favorite dessert?

Brownies: Has to be the name of your crush/wife/husband/gf/bf

Ice cream: Has to be the name of a city

Cake/cupcakes: Has to be a famous person

Cookies: Has to be 6 letters long

Other: Has to be your favorite boy name

*Middle name

If you could visit any continent what would it be?

North America: Hunter

South America: Parker

Africa: James

Europe: Tyler

Asia: Keaton

Australia: Michael

Antarctica. Lucas


*First name

Favorite subject?

Math: Brooklyn

Science: Grace

Reading: Elliot

English: Caitlyn

History: Mackenzie

Geography: Allison

Other: Kylie

*Middle name

You choose:)

3. Girl

*First name

Favorite type of music?

Pop: Has to be your favorite girl name

Country: Has to start with a D

Rap: Has to start with an H

Classical: Has to be a famous artist(singer or painter)

Rock: Has to be 3 letters long

Other: You decide:)

*Middle name

Has to be a pets name you have/had

4. Boy

*First name

Are you married?

Yes: Cameron

No: Connor

Other: Alexander

*Middle name

Would you rather live in the....

Country: Has to do with a color

City: Has to begin with J

Suburb: Has to be 8+ letters

Other: Has to do with nature/outdoors

5. Boy

*First name

Are you a......

Tomboy: Has to be Italian

Girly girl: Has to be Hawaiian

Boy: Has to be Australian

Other: Has to be Russian

*Middle name

Do you have......

Brothers only: Has to end with -On

Sisters only: Has to end with -An

Both: Has to end with -Or

Neither: Has to end with -Er

6. Boy

*First name

Have you ever tried sushi and did you like it?

Yes,Yes: Has to begin with G

Yes,No: Has to begin with L

No. Has to begin with J

Other: Has to begin with A

*Middle name

What kinds of vacations do you like?

Beach: You choose

Amusement park: Has to be the name of a river

Mountains: Has to be the name of a lake

Cruises: You choose

Other: You choose

7. Girl

Pick your favorite combo for first and middle:

Alayna Grace

Lilly Kate

Jordyn Amelia

Gabrielle Faith

Nicole Paige

8. Boy

Whatever you want:)

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    Boston Tyler

    Elliott Rose

    Isabella Emily (I like Alternative, my cat is Emily)

    Connor Jaydon

    Lukah Lenon

    Liam Benson

    Lilly Kate

    Olliver Tiago

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Austin Keaton

    Elliot Elizabeth

    Lucia Gold

    Connor Leaf

    Alexander Brandon

    Jack Morgan

    Gabrielle Faith

    Marco De Luka

  • 6 years ago

    1. Boy

    Alexander Keaton

    2. Girl

    Caitlyn Magdalena

    3. Girl

    Zoe Josephine

    4. Boy

    Connor Benjamin

    5. Boy

    Kai Christopher

    6. Boy

    Gavin Reid

    7. Girl

    Alayna Grace

    8. Boy

    Jonah Elias

  • 6 years ago

    Blake Tyler

    Mackenzie Elise

    Annalise Marissa

    Connor Jacob

    Luca Taylor

    Jacob York

    Alayna Grace

    Roman Chace

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  • DeeDee
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    6 years ago

    Marshall Tyler

    Grace Annabelle

    Ivy Calista

    Connor Jacobi

    Nikolai Gideon

    Lachlan Rhys

    Lilly Kate

    Dominic Henry

  • 6 years ago

    Nathan Tyler

    Caitlyn Elizabeth

    Lily Rebecca

    Connor Alexander

    Maxim Parker

    Gabriel James

    Gabrielle Faith

    Liam Riley

    Nate, Catie, Lily, Connor, Max, Gabe, Ella, & Liam

  • 6 years ago

    1. Michael Tyler

    2. Caitlyn Adison

    3. Myla Starr

    4. Connor Alexander

    5. Armani Taylor

    6. Gavin Hudson

    7. Lilly Kate

    8. Princeton Harvey

  • 6 years ago

    Austin Lucas

    Grace Coralie

    Zoe Bessie

    Connor Slate

    Lorenzo Sebastian

    Lucas Joel

    Alayna Grace

    Kellen Jude

  • Luna
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    6 years ago

    John Michael

    Caitlyn Eleanor

    Eve Misty

    Connor Blue

    Romeo Nathan

    George Marcus

    Gabrielle Faith

    Carl Vincent

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Tobias Michael

    Allison Olivia

    Natalia Willow

    Connor Sebastian

    Kai Julian

    Jonah Edison

    Lily Kate

    Jonas Luka

  • 6 years ago

    Milan Oliver

    Grace Brinley

    Ava Zoey

    Connor Grey

    Alexander Mason

    Gregory James

    Lilly Kate

    Liam Blake

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