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If I dye my hair Sunday night will the color fade just a little bit when I get a haircut and wash Tues/Weds?

I plan to dye my light brown hair a dark brown this Sunday night. My question is should I dye my hair first then go to the salon to cut it, or cut it first then dye it? My hairdresser thoroughly washes and conditions my hair, so if I dyed it before then would the color wash out a little more than normal and dull the color or would it come out just as it would the first few times after you dye your hair? Will the color be affected at all or will it look the same when it dries? I'd like to dye it first then cut it so it's nice and styled for the next day which is my first day of school. Any answers that would help are appreciated!

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    It shouldn't fade after one wash. Hairdressers usually use shampoo and conditioner to boost the colour up anyway so yeah, dye your hair and then go and get it cut.

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    a little but not very much.

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