Spiritually speaking are there actors & singers past & present that didn't hear of other actors & singers?

existences from their own time lines or generation and peer groups etc?..

Could it be possible that the way we currently hear of Jesus wasn't the way Jesus was known in his life time..

Was Jesus only known locally but, because of what he did for his people and what occurred later on and how iconic it was and is today that we believe, should Jesus have been written about in his life time as much as he was written about later?..

Think about these icons of music and screen that I'm about to mention and whether they were known by others of their field and otherwise, for instance would someone write about another or be influenced by another if they've never heard of them, examples below:

Did James Dean know that Elvis Presley existed?..

Did Marilyn Monroe know that Diana Dors existed?..

Did Jimi Hendrix know that Bob Marley existed?..

Did Marc Bolan know that Prince existed?..

Did Otis Redding know that Barry White existed?..

Did any of these icons ever cross paths or know each other, were they ever in the same room, for instance:

Did Jim Morrison know or ever meet Mick Jagger?..

Did John Lennon know or ever meet Bob Marley?..

Did Marlon Brando know or ever meet Steve McQueen?..

Did Cary Grant know or ever meet Gary Cooper?..

Did Stanley Baker know or ever meet Rod Taylor?..

Did JFK ever hear about the Beatles?..

Did the Beach Boys hear about the Beatles before the Beatles went to America?..

Did the Beatles hear about the Beach Boys before they went to America?..

Did Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison ever hear of Bruce Lee?..

Did Clarke Gable, Errol Flynn or Gary Cooper ever hear of Paul Newman, Steve McQueen or Clint Eastwood?..

More recently:

Did Kurt Cobain and the rest of "Nirvana" ever hear about Ian Brown and the rest of "The Stone Roses" when "Nirvana" released "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "The Stone Roses" released "Fools Gold"?..

The list goes on..


@No Chance Without Jesus: It does in a way if you read on..

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    I suggest you google for the answers..

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    Your questions are moot, in that it doesn't matter, when you are questioning whether Jesus existed, if one recent person knew if another existed.

    You posited that Jesus might have been known locally, however the NT states that Jesus was known near and far.

    Short answer: The evidence shows that Jesus Christ is just a mythical character and never existed.

    For Jesus-believers, here's the long answer (with supporting evidence), which is needed to cover all bases:

    All reliable evidence points to Jesus Christ being just a myth. There is no reliable evidence that Jesus even existed, and significant evidence that he didn't. The evidence is in the Bible, the other religions of the time, the lack of writings about Jesus by any historians of the 1st century, and the lack of writings about Jesus by anyone until a decade or more after his supposed life.

    The story of Jesus can be shown to be just a myth created to fulfill prophesy, cobbled together out of stories from the Old Testament and previous gods and myths - created in the 40's and 50's by Paul (ne Saul of Tarsus) (who exhibited symptoms of epilepsy and had delusions of Christ talking to him), the other apostles, the unknown authors of the gospels in the 70's or later, and many other people. The reliable evidence for this is overwhelming.

    Paul and the other epistle writers don't know any biographical details of Jesus' life, or even the time of his earthly existence. They don't refer to Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, Calvary or Golgotha — or any pilgrimages to what should have been holy sites of Jesus' life. They also don't mention any miracles that Jesus was supposed to have worked, his virgin birth, his trial, the empty tomb, or his moral teachings. To them Jesus was largely a sky-god who existed in the spiritual past.

    If Jesus had actually existed, Paul would have written about his life, disciples, teachings and miracles. Paul did not write about any of this. Paul even wrote (1 Cor. 1:22-23) that Jesus did no miracles. Paul wrote (in Rom. 16:25-26, Gal. 1:11,12) that he knew Jesus through revelation, which is another term for fantasy and delusions. We can also tell that people were accusing Paul of lying, because he attempted to defend himself in Rom. 3:5-8.

    Paul also thought that Peter and James were other (competing) epistle writers. Paul referred (Gal. 1.19) to James as the Lord's brother, not Jesus' brother. Note that "brother" is used about 130 times in the Pauline epistles - with no use meaning blood brother. Paul wrote in Gal. 2:6 that the apostles in Jerusalem (including James and Cephas/Peter) added nothing to his message, and in Gal. 2:11 he opposed Cephas/Peter. Neither statement makes sense if they had known a real Jesus.

    If Jesus had actually existed, the gospels would have been written in first person format. Instead, they were written (in Greek) in third person fiction format, often with the supposed thoughts of Jesus. The gospels should also have been original. Instead, Matthew and Luke extensively plagiarized from Mark. The gospels don't even claim to be eyewitness accounts. All we have are hearsay accounts.

    If Jesus Christ had actually existed, at least one of the approximately 30 local historians of the first century would have written about him. No historian of the first century (including Josephus and Philo of Alexandria) wrote about him or his disciples.

    Therefore Jesus Christ did not exist.

    The Jesus story also shows extensive similarities to other myths of the time (especially Horus, Mithra, Osiris, and Dionysus). For instance, baptism into the death and resurrection of Osiris washed away sins so the soul could obtain the best place in heaven. Some early Christians attributed these similarities to Satan who went back in time and created the religions that "copied" Christianity.

    Jesus is worshiped on Sunday, like over a dozen sun gods whose birthdays were also on the old winter solstice of December 25, when the sun is “reborn.” There were also over a dozen other deities and saviors who were resurrected (often after violent deaths).

    For much more evidence, see the links.

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    this has nothing to do with the topic

    oh wait you are equaiting Jesus with a movie star


    you just took a lot of time being stupid

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