Korean Dramas where.....?

I am asking this qu. in Comics and Animation because sometimes people who are into animes, will have stumbled upon the great world of Asian Dramas.

I am in need of another Korean drama.

Specifically, one where

-the girl falls in love with an angel/death god/ and as last resort, ghost (either of these will do)

-the main character is a girl

-it has romance.

That's it. xD

If none can be found under Korean dramas, I love Taiwanese dramas as well ^.~

But no Japanese. Ive seen most of those that fall under what I want.

Please and Kamsahamnida

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  • 7 years ago
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    These are some Taiwanese dramas. Hope you like it.

    - Momo Love

    (The Cast: Cyndi Wang, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, etc)

    . . . This drama is about one girl call Tao Hua. She have 5 older brother. Her older brother is always curious about her activation except the fifth older brother. If there is one boy wanna be closer to her, her brother will do anything to make that boy give up. hahaha :D .

    . . . One day, she meet one boy. Day by day they become closer. Her brother know it! As usual, they do anything to separate her sister and that boy. The way which her brother do are very funny! but, no way succeed!! hahaha :) you must watch it !!

    - Ying Ye 3 + 1

    (The cast: Ming Dao, Chen Qiao En, etc)

    . . . Ming Dao and Qiao En are couple in Frog Prince (prince turns to frog). In this drama, they are best friend become lovers. The story is about four student in one school Ying Ye. They are three boy and one girl. In that school, they exceed many experience and barriers include about love. It's very romantic and full of tears. But, I really recommended this drama to you :)

    - Material Queen

    (The Cast: Lynn Hung, Vanness Wu, etc)

    . . . This Drama tells about one man who fall in love with material woman. Economic of that man is poor. His name is Jia Hao. He is a student in one university in Paris. He works as a man who pretend becomes a rich man. Many conflict in this drama. This is great drama! You must watch this drama. :)


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