Cockroaches in my car! Help?

I have a 07 Chevy Malibu. Don't tell me to clean my car because I keep all my cars clean. I recently totaled my Grand Am and got this cheap. Never had any problems with roaches. I'm guessing, the previous owner was a pig. I've bombed it three times about a month ago and didn't see any. Until two weeks ago when I opened my car door after work. I sprayed Raid which gave me a little more security and I didn't see them until Wednesday. I bought more bombs and when I shined a flash light into it last night (after I used three MORE bombs) I saw about ten, bunch on the back seat. One on the front and two in the back window. I honestly don't know what else to do. Ive sprayed everything in that car and bombed it 6+ times. I have a trip to Florida on Monday that I absolutely need my car for. Please help.

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    gotta take the seats out/all of them/turn them over and spray/also if you can get the rugs out/(not that hard)go to store and get Malithion and mix to specs and and empty a windex spray (or any other spray bottle and use the malithion all over also take the stuff out of the trunk and do it there/the malithion will do it/dont keep driving and then transport them into your house and other peoples houses

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    I had this happen once to a car that I had just purchased. I didn't know it until shortly after I purchased the vehicle.

    You really must deal with this as the cockroaches could very easily find their way into your home.

    Here is what I did. I never saw another cockroach in it for the rest of the time I owned the car. Note: This is a fair amount of work and you will be without the car for a few days.

    Roaches can get everywhere inside the car. Just spray and they will only hide under the carpeting until it is safe for them to come out. Spraying the top surface of the carpeting is ineffective as they also live under the carpet.

    I started by removing the seats, center console, and carpeting. I also removed EVERYTHING from the trunk including the fabric on the sides and the carpeting.

    I rented a Rug Doctor along with the upholstery attachment. I bought a jug of their carpet cleaner.

    I cleaned the seats and both sides of the carpeting.

    I vacuumed and cleaned the floor pan and inside the trunk.

    You MUST have the car as clean as possible so there is little food for the cockroaches.

    I then used a pump sprayer with insecticide made for killing cockroaches. These can be purchased at your favorite home improvement store. The stuff I used was supposed to be good for 90 days. I sprayed the seats, the floorpan, both sides of the carpeting and inside the trunk. I allowed the areas to dry overnight. I then put it all back together. I used some Febreze to help with the smell of the insecticide. However, the stuff used in a pump sprayer does not have that strong of an odor.

    After a day or so I started finding dead cockroaches inside my car. I kept a ziploc bag in the car with me. Cockroaches can actually have babies after they die. For the next couple of weeks, I would still find a dead cockroach from time to time. At least, I was finding dead ones. I would place the cockroach inside the ziploc bag and dispose of the dead cockroach when convenient.

    After a couple of weeks, i did not see anymore dead cockroaches and never had a roach problem again.

    My project wasn't all that expensive. I don't think it cost me more than $50 total. Mostly, it was a fair amount of work. However, it could be done in a weekend if you are handy with tools.

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