Was making him a surprise cake cause he made sstg a dumb idea?

I'm currently visiting my boyfriend over seas (he's in the Air Force)

Yesterday he found out he made staff sergeant. I'm a big fan of surprises so while he was at work I got him a balloon, a card and baked a blue AF cake for him. It took me forever cause I put the AF logo on it

When he got home he smiled and said he likes it and how I'm the sweetest person ever but when I wanted to post a picture on Facebook he said not to do it. I asked why but he just said I won't get to know. He also popped the balloon. I was hurt and started crying. I don't understand why he doesn't want people to know about the cake? If someone made me a surprise cake I would brag about it.


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Until he has actually been promoted...it is bad luck/a jinx to celebrate beforehand...

    It is a military thing...you jinxed him

    No biggie...he will get over it...but at least you know why he is all weird about it

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  • gary s
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    He's afraid of the publicity.Depending on his current position,he might be a target for spies or saboteurs to attack his loved ones.He might also have more than one girlfriend.There might be military regulations about decorations or Balloons on base.One floating up in the air would allow gunners to pinpoint his location and shoot him from far away.The only way to know is to wait for him to tell you his reasons.If he's like me,he is probably embarrassed by all the attention.I hate to be in the spotlight.Battleships used searchlights to find targets at night........just before they blew them out of the water.Usually a hand written note is plenty for me,and a little more private.Most likely,his co-workers are giving him a hard time over it and he probably gets picked on by them."Loose lips sink ships".

    Source(s): TV show "The Unit" on a counterterrorism platoon whose identity's were a closely guarded secret to protect their loved ones.Partially based on the "Delta Force" and "Seal Team" members during Vietnam and beyond.
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  • 7 years ago

    Beats me, sounds really nice and a lot of hard work though.

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