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How much exercise should I be doing?

I want to lose 5 pounds of fat and gain a lot of muscle (legs, abs, butt, arms, etc.)

As of now I'm running 1 mile and walking 1-2 miles Monday-Friday. I also am doing ab workouts every day along with squats and lifting. Some days I switch running for a longer bike ride (3-5mi)

I am eating clean and about 1,100-1,300 calories a day.

Am I doing this right for my goals? I want a body like onedaniella on instagram ( Shoukd I be doing more or how long will it take for results? I've been doing this about a week so far.

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    allways do more, keep pushing yourself to the limit. remember, with every defeat you become stronger... try carrying heavy (really heavy) backpacks while you run and while you do push ups.

    the only way you can become a Super Saiyan is by pushing yourself beyond the limit! aim to be the strongest in the universe and attempt the impossible.

    also, put your hands together and try focusing all of your energy to one area imbertween your hands and collect the energy into ball. and then point your hands at an object. open your hands and push to project all the energy at someone/something. This is called a Kamehameha wave.

    Source(s): dragon ball
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