No refund for defective product and very rude employee?

A few days ago I bought an airsoft bb gun for $150. When I got home I found that the gun only shoots every other time instead of every time (therefore it's broken). I brought it back to the store and said I'd like to return this product, the man at the register just stared at me angrily. I then said "excuse me, can you help me" he barked at me "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" I replied "I'd like a refund", he said "no" and just stared at me again. I asked "why?" and he then replied "Are you ******* stupid!... Can you speak English!?!" He then gave me back the receipt implying I should read it. I read it and in the fine print it said 'no refunds or returns' I was about to tell him 'but it is defective' but before I could he told me to get out.

I live in Ireland and by Irish law I'm entitled to full refund for a defective product regardless of their return policy (this all happened in Ireland too). Also I wasn't told about their return policy until after the sale, is that legal? What should I do about this? And before you say go to small claims court I'm only 16, can I do that?


Before you tell me it's illegal for my to buy an airsoft gun, in Ireland the legal age to buy an airsoft gun is 16.

Update 2:

I bought is cash and don't have a credit card

Update 3:

*it cash

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    The store clerk is very rude without a doubt.

    I would make certain I understand what you are quoting as "Irish Law".

    If you are correct, then you may be able to file a small claims action

    against the retailer.

    Was this a new item or a used item. If it is new and unopened at time of purchase

    then the item must be fit for the purpose for which it was sold. If was a used item, then

    the retailer may sell it to you "as is" with no responsibility to provide a remedy if you bought

    a defective item because you were responsible for inspecting the item and assuring yourself

    it was capable of serving the purpose for which you were purchasing it.

    Now the fine print on the receipt may or may not be sufficient to put you on notice to the no

    refund policy. You should read your receipt.

    However, you may have a defense against that notice.


    COMPLETED THE PURCHACE, and there are no signs announcing the store's policy at

    a place where you can reasonably be expected to see it and read it, then you were not given

    proper notice of the policy and I think that gives you grounds against the retailer.

    I think you have grounds for a civil action in small claims court. You need to find out your

    local procedure for filing a suit. It must be followed exactly. You need to find out if there

    is any consumer protection bureaus or administrative agencies that deal with these types of issues out

    side of the court system { I'm in the United States of America and most states have attorney generals with consumer affairs bureaus, they can bring criminal charges against those who violate consumer's rights.

    You need to find out if you need to write a demand letter to the merchant asking for redress or not.

    If you follow your court's procedure , I think you can file a small claims demand for the refund and

    your court costs would be awarded. You are NOT LIKELY to get any punitive damages for the insult although it would seem justified.

    If you have access to an lawyer, speak to him(her) . They are often too expensive. With no access, try to find out the procedure for resolving a consumer dispute in your county and work

    through the full procedure patiently , that is tough. Do not yell back or act against the retailer

    despite the fact that he is behaving like a cockroach. Write a well composed grammatical letter

    explaining the defect in the merchandize and ask for a refund. Send it Registered Post National

    {which I think is similar to our Certified Mail - Returned Receipt Requested here in the US}

    and get his response. If it is negative, and especially if it is rude, then that will be evidence you

    can submit when you file your small claims lawsuit.

    I don't know how old you are, but since you mentioned legal age to buy airsoft gun, you need

    to be of legal age to have standing to file a lawsuit. If you are not, your parent or guardian must

    file any lawsuit.

    If you are not of age, you may be able to reverse your contract also because it is against the]

    law to enter into a contract with a person who is not of the age of majority.

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    uhh, lol..... probably didn't want to give you a refund because it's a pain in the *** to take it apart to begin with.... and i'm not sure about your rules in ireland about the repairs. but i live in canada, sure it may not be the best place to airsoft, but every store i've been to has a policy about it. if it's defective, you will get a refund no questions asked, the only time your refund is voided is if you did some stupid **** to it or plan to upgrade it (an extra $40 minimum for labour fee....) honestly, if he has said that to you. lol what the heck, i'm asian, i'm telling you to go full asian on that pr*ck. you should get a refund or atleast an exchange for your defective product considering he was being immature by saying stupid sh*t like that. if you don't mind answering, how long has he been in business to begin with? because last time i checked, that wasn't even professional or nice to begin with.

    Source(s): used to be an airsofter, playing paintball now, no pain no gain, stupid nigguh shit, business degree, i'ma nigguh thank you very much..... uhh... i'm out of sources....
  • Bryan
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    6 years ago

    where the hell are you buying guns from? LOL Airsplat has a great return policy that extends 60 days. nex time buy from them

  • 6 years ago

    email the company, politely ask for a refund. explain the circumstances

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  • Frank
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    6 years ago

    Contact your credit card company.

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