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Annie asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago



------ my family and friends and moved to a city in which I was the only foreign

English teacher, I felt a bit shaken.

(A)To leave (B)Being left (C)Having left (D)Despite




Elected in May 2000, mayor Ken Livingstone vowed to tackle congestion by charging vehicles coming into the city center. In a 2003 poll, 63 percent of Londoners said they supported the charge, for the simple reason-----it works.





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    Having left my family and friends and moved to a city in which I was the only foreign English teacher, I felt a bit shaken.


    注意這裡有兩個 and,前面一個連結兩個名詞 family and friends,後面一個 and moved 要連接前面的什麼呢?

    (A) To leave .... and moved, leave 原形,moved 過去式,不對等,錯。

    (B) Being left .... and moved, left 似乎可以和 moved 連接,但仔細看, being left 是被動,後面不能再有受詞, 所以 being left my family 是錯的。

    (D) Despite ..... and moved 一看就是不能連接。 despite 是介係詞。

    唯有 (C) Having left my family.... and (having) moved ... 是可以連接的,這裡的 and 是連接完成式的過去分詞 left 和 moved。 所以是正解。

    這裡 Having left .... and (having) moved 是分詞構句的完成式,表示離開和遷移比 felt 的感覺早,表示因為離開了家人朋友,搬到一個都市,只有我這麼一個外國人英文老師,所以覺得惶恐。

    2013-08-03 20:50:28 補充:

    for the simple reason that it works

    你會想到用 which,應該是以為這裡要用關係代名詞。 但記住,關係代名詞是取代先行詞,當主詞或受詞的,例如:

    This is the car which I bought.

    which I bought = I bought the car, which 取代受詞的 car。

    This is the car which hit a man.

    which hit a man = the car hit a man, which 取代主詞的 car。

    2013-08-03 21:03:45 補充:

    但 it works 「它行得通」是完整的句子。 it 是主詞,不需要 which 來代替。 works 是不及物動詞,也不能接受詞, which 沒有可取代的字。


    其實,這裡 that 是連接詞。 that it works 是 reason 的同位語,表示 「為了一個簡單的原因」,什麼原因呢? 就是 「它行得通」。 reason = it works,所以稱為同位語。 既然不是關係代名詞的形容詞子句,那就不能用 which。

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    8 years ago

    it is "participle clause" (分詞子句)

    2013-08-02 13:04:08 補充:

    the main sentence is "I felt a bit shaken"

    2013-08-02 13:07:26 補充:

    Because of "and" and "moved", you can only choose (B) or (C).

    (B) presents a passive voice, it doesn't fit the context.

    (C) presents an active voice.

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