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中翻英 - 「潮牌」(已爬過文,但還是想問…)


1.trendy brand (爬文後,發覺這是目前公認最標準的英譯)

2. hip fashion brand (這是我自己目前最想用的英譯,但又不十分確定)

3.trend-setting brand (這是我自己目前第二想用的英譯,但又不十分確定) brand (這是我自己目前第三想用的英譯,但又不十分確定)

5.fashionista brand


6.street fashion brand

7.high street fashion brand

8. 其他更好的


P.S. 茲將目前找到的參考放在意見欄。


又,這裡的「潮牌」主要是要和「設計師品牌」(designer’s brand)成對比。 這兩個詞是一起出現的。

Update 2:

我現在有點疑惑的地方是:若將「潮牌」翻成trendy brand,是否能與designer’s brand(設計師品牌)形成對比或差別呢?因為designer’s brand不也都一定非常trendy嗎?

Update 3:


您以時間長短來區別trendy和fashionable,以及” trend cannot ALWAYS be fashionable”這句話有讓我心服。讓我放心地將「潮牌」翻成trendy brand。謝謝您!

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    If the designer is famous, then it might be better than trendy brand. Like R-L Polo, it is not that trendy (in my opinion), but still very popular.

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    As far as "潮" is concerned, you can have "trendy" or "fashionable". However, in your situation "trendy" is better. Here is why:

    "trendy" is something that is only for a short duration. After all, trends come and go, and they do so very quickly.

    However, if you want to describe the overall fashion sense and to ignore little trend, then fashionable is the word. In a word, real fashion can always stay IN the trend. However, trend cannot ALWAYS be fashionable.

    2013-08-03 11:35:39 補充:

    By the way, my saying is limited to clothing. Of course, "trendy" can also refer to other things, such as music, movie, technology...

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    I think "trendy brands" is cool. But if you want to be really cool, "pop tags" and "pop brands", as in "pop culture", are way over the top.

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    只愛「潮牌」 不愛名牌

    "潮牌" 到底是什麼東西 ?

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    street fashion

    2013-08-02 23:40:20 補充:

    Prisoner 26535:

    謝謝您的pop brand.

    請問您覺得hip brand如何?有這個說法嗎?

    2013-08-02 23:49:42 補充:

    Prisoner 26535:

    不過我還是聽得出您意見003話中的暗示。您還是比較贊成用trendy brand,對吧?

    我現在只是有點疑惑,若將「潮牌」翻成trendy brand,是否能與designer’s brand形成對比或差別呢?因為designer’s brand不也都一定非常trendy嗎?

    2013-08-03 08:01:04 補充:


    哦,我知道了。您的意思是說,把trendy brand和designer’s brand放在一起時,讀者還是可以感覺出兩者的差別的。

    嗯,英雄(雌)所見略同。既然您和美國幼公主的看法一致,那橘子就虛心受教了。我就用將中翻英文中的「潮牌」翻成trendy brand吧。


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