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What can I do for my future?

I'm 14. First, my mother is a drug addict, nobody outside my family (all but two of them are drug abusers anways...) will believe me; won't even drug test her. (School counselor acted like she believed me but I don't think she did. Jesus, we've even been in the foster system before because of her problems.) Getting high seems to be higher on her to-do list than me and my siblings. It would be easy for me to just get up and leave right after graduation, but that won't work because she uses our names and SSNs to buy and rent stuff but never pays them back. (Cable, Apartments, etc.) I'm worried that she will ruin any chance of a financial future, and from what I've read online, there is nothing I can do about it. Any advice?

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    It shouldn't be that hard to prove. Get pictures of her stash or of her using. Go to the police and show it to them and tell them to get child protective services involved and report the fraud to them...that is a crime to use someone else's ss# when you have no intention of paying someone. If you have any bad credit at 14 that is something the police can certainly investigate and you can easily provide them with names of landlords and cable companies that she defrauded. It will probably put you and your siblings in the foster system and put her in jail but it sounds better than where you are now. I'm not sure if you can do this when you're under 18 - but since you are not legally allowed to enter into a contract with anyone - I don't think any of this will be held against you. Before you turn 18 file a police report so you can fight any outstanding issues on your credit report. Then for as long as she is using, you will have to call any one of the 3 credit agencies and put a fraud alert on your account every 3 months - best to alternate - once you alert one of them - the other 2 will receive the request. It will make it harder for you to establish credit when you do need it- but she will not be able to establish credit in your name either. Even if you do end up with bad credit, it will only follow you for 7 years. Find a girlfriend with good credit when you're older.

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    You have to prove that you did not consent but you can have your credit repaired after going to the credit bureau you can fix your future. Because of your age you should not hold any debt unless of course you signed something. You are under the age of 18 all you own is legally hers. Here is what I would do. If the military is not a good option for you (4 years of active duty, meals and housing paid for with a clothing allowance and medical and dental and life insurance all covered, and college paid for afterwards and a free burial when you die even if you only do four and die at 112 years old) I recommend being homeless for a while as you earn money for a car, security and first month's rent on an apartment. You can sleep in a car if you have one, or crash on a friends couch for like $25.00 a month or free. Buy a gym membership where you can take showers. Heat your food over a camp stove and save every penny you can. eventually you will be living in an apartment with a room mate with some marketable skill set. Teens that do not work are having trouble getting hired as an adult. I wish I had a teen living next door to me I would hire her/ him to baby sit so I could have the occasional date night with hubby and pay $20.00 less on my lawn a month by hiring them to do it. Start small. Even volunteer work can lead to good business contacts and resume experience. People want to know that you are a hard, dependable, on time worker. 85 percent of employees are hired cause a relative, friend, friend of a friend is somehow connected to the company. You do have a brilliant future ahead of you and age 14 is the best age to begin. Don't get side tracked by boys till you are ready to settle down and get married and have babies. Premarital sex and teen pregnancy can put a stop to your dreams causing you to create new ones so be abstinent till you can afford a baby cause birth control fails all the time. Good luck!

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    There is plenty of social help out there. Go and search addiction family help. You need professional help because your mom needs it. The sooner you get her addiction help, the sooner you can begin piecing together whats broken. Get professional help

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    I think this is getting really bad right now. I think you should find an attorney who has a free first meeting and talk to someone. If you go to there is more information.

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