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Why isn't Brooke Hogan the champion in TNA?

why isn't Brooke Hogan running around Impact in a g-string bikini showing off her lady parts? who doesn't want to see Brooke Hogan vs Tara, Tyran, Tiffany, Tonya, whatever her name is as the main event to the weekly Impact? I mean come on why isn't out there feuding again Micky James to see who is the better singer! Shirley that epic feud would get match of the year nominations by everybody on the internet, right?

I mean if Divas on E! is a huge ratings draw and if Hogan Knows Best was a huge success on VH! then why isn't Booke Hogan a huge star on Impact?

the name of the program is TNA......where are the soft core porn segments, huh? WHERE!

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    Has Brooke Hogan ever played any Sports? Has Brooke Hogan spent 1 minute in Ohio Valley Wrestling trainng to be a Wrestler? I think you already know the answer to that. I don't know of any reason that TNA should follow the mistake that WWE made when they made Stephanie McMahon The WWE Women's Champion. No one wants to see a Hogan walking around with a Championship these days. Their time is past. Now, if only Brooke and Hulk would give themselves less air-time on Impact Wrestling and give us more Wrestling Matches instead.

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    I wish both Hogans would leave TNA but I suppose she's too lazy to bother to learn how to wrestle.

    TNA actually was supposed to be about t1ts and a$$ remember the half naked dancing stripper cage girls they used to have O MY

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    8 years ago

    TNA, in this case, doesn't stand for titzenass.

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