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Is ABP blocking videos from playing?

I'm running Windows 8 64bit and actively using Firefox with AdBlocker Plus /w Popup blocker..

I'm not sure what's going on but the other day I was able to watch a full length episode of Teen Wolf on with NO ADS and now I can't get past the previously on recap without the video stopping on the part where the ads are supposed to roll out.

I've had this issue before but it was on another site.. I tried the tactics I used for ad-less video streaming from the other site but that proved useless.

I can't stand ads and am irritated down to my nerves from knowing that I can't watch the episode without seeing 5 ads roll every 20mins.. that is asking WAY too much of my patience.

Any help would be nice. Thank you in advance!

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    Ignore the Google Chrome marketer.

    Hold CTRL Shift A.

    Click "Disable" next to ABP.

    Re-open Firefox.

    Try Teen Wolf video.

    If the problem is fixed, then ABP doesn't work well with

    If the problem persists, then disable every other add-on and narrow down to the one causing it. I wouldn't be surprised if you have some stupid header or userbar add-on that you installed recently interfering with the ads and videos.

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    The problem may be ABP. I have tried watching True Life on both Chrome and FireFox to no avail with ABP running.

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    Hello There,

    Try a better free browser Http://

    as stated in reviews i've read people are having a bunch of problems with the current version

    Conclusion- Get Google Chrome and see if it works for you

    Hope this is somewhat helpful

    -Logan The Geek

    Possibly Update Flash Player

    Run a antivirus scan as it could be Malware Blocking stuff


    Chrome Http://




    The problem should be solved if you do this i would go with chrome or opera more chrome

    Also report this problem to Adblockplus. as it can have problems with certian websites

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    Update your flash player and you may have to loosen up on what Adblock does block

    You could try Waterfox. Specially built for 64 bit systems

    It puts Google Chrome to shame

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