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What should I name these characters?

I am looking for names for characters in my new manuscript. It is set around six families that attend a small town church. Here is what I need.


The husband-father is the minister of the church. His wife is the high school principal. Their oldest child is a 16 year old girl. They also have 4 boys and another girl that are 13 year quintuplets. I want them all to have names from the Bible.


This is an elderly couple. The husband is retired and is the treasurer and head usher at the church. The wife sings on the praise and worship team and is the teen Sunday school teacher.


The father in this family is the drummer at the church. His wife teaches the 4 & 5 year old Sunday school class. Their oldest son is 16. They also have a 15 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.


The son and daughter-in-law of family two. Their only son is 23.


This is the son of family four and his wife of two years. They have 2 month old B/G/G triplets.


This family has just recently moved to town. The dad is a Christian musician and the wife is a stay at home mom. Their oldest a 16 year old rebellious boy. He is followed by a girl that is 12.They have a set of girl/girl twins that are 8 years old. Then they have a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. They are also expecting their seventh child which is a boy.

BQ: Please help me select last names for each family and a name for the church.

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    Family One: The Lariee's

    Husband: Paul

    Wife: Mary

    16 Yr. Girl: Nehemiah

    13 Quints: Caleb, Joshua, Nathan, Samuel

    Family Two: The Corrigans

    Husband: Benjamin (Benny)

    Wife: Vivienne (Viv)

    Family Three: The Marshalls

    Husband: Vince

    Wife: Rose

    16 Year Old Son: Levi

    15 Year Old Son Jackson

    9 Year Old Girl: Olivia

    Family Four: The Corrigans

    Husband: Charles

    Wife: Brenda

    Family Five: The Corrigans

    Husband: Charles Jr. (Chase)

    Wife: Tracy

    Boy: Logan

    Girl: Abigail

    Girl: Miranda

    Family Six: The Bakers

    Husband: Chad

    Wife: Amanda

    16yr. Son: Ryder

    15yr. Girl: Alexis

    8 yr. Girls: Kimber & Noelle

    6yr Boy: Parker

    4yr Girl: Pressleigh

    Expexting: Sean

    The church should be called The Lord's Table

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    Family #1 - the Prestons:

    The head of the family: James

    Wife: Rebecca

    The eldest girl: Elizabeth

    Quintuplets: David, Andrew, Peter, Nathaniel, Grace

    Family #2 - the Robbins:

    The retired elder: Samuel "Sam"

    Wife: Caroline

    Family #3 - the Lees:

    The drummer: Gregory "Rory"

    Wife: Winnie

    1st son: Jared

    2nd son: Jeremy

    Daughter: Samantha

    Family #4: the Brudenells:

    The elder's son: Stephen

    Daughter-in-law: Julia

    Son: Christopher

    Family #5: the Brudenells:

    The man: Christopher

    Wife: Viola

    Triplets: Milo, Emilia and Ava.

    Family #6 - the Faulkners:

    The Christian musician: Charlie

    Wife: Diane

    Elder son: Benjamin

    Elder daughter: Lily

    Twins: Annabel and Madeline

    Younger son: Jason

    Younger daughter: Nora

    Expected son: Nicholas

    Church: St. Sebastian's Parish, perhaps?

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    Family One- McCarthy

    Father- David

    Mother- Ruth

    16 yrs- Elizabeth

    13 yrs- Caleb, Joshua, Matthew, Luke, and Hannah

    Family Two- Coleman

    Husband- Richard

    Wife- Anne

    Family Three- Warner

    Father- Michael

    Mother- Lisa

    16 yrs- Jacob

    15 yrs- Nathan

    9 yrs- Caitlin

    Family Four- Coleman

    Son- Anthony

    Daughter-in-law- Christina

    Family Five- Coleman

    Father- Jonathan

    Mother- Teresa

    Triplets- Steven, Olivia, Leah

    Family Six- Daniels

    Father- Mark

    Mother- Lily

    16 yrs- Justin (JD)

    12 yrs- Alyssa

    8 yrs- Erica and Julia

    6 yrs- Alexander (Alex)

    4 yrs- Claire

    Baby- Eli

    Church- Calvary

    Good luck!! :)

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    Husband/father - Darius

    Wife/mother - Rachel

    16 yr old - Phoebe

    Quints - Aaron, Alexander, Jacob, Noah and Lois.

    Elderly couple - Walter and Ethel.

    Husband - Richard

    Wife - Emma

    1st son - Louis

    2nd son - Thomas

    Daughter - Grace

    Son - Robert

    Sons wife - Michelle

    Their son - Michael

    Husband - Michael

    Wife - Samantha

    Triplets - Jackson, Evie, Lilly.

    Dad - Jonathon

    Mom - Julia

    Oldest boy - Dwayne

    Oldest girl - Abigail

    Twins - Alice and Emily

    youngest son - Reece

    Youngest daughter - kaitlan

    Expecting - Oliver (Ollie)

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    --Father: Joseph

    --Mother: Abigail

    --Older daughter: Lydia

    --4 boys: Lucas, Benjamin, Timothy, James

    --Other girl: Sarah


    Husband: Philip

    Wife: Margaret


    Father: Gabe

    Mother: Lily

    Boys: Cole, Hayden

    Daughter: Ava


    Man: Connor

    Wife: Phoebe

    Son: Kyle


    Kyle and Phoebe (above)

    Boy: Conrad

    Girls: Madison, Elyse


    Dad: Michael

    Wife: Marie

    Rebellious boy: Ryder or Jasper

    Girls: Violet, Blair, Mia, Zoe

    Other sons: Tristan, Seth

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