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This is how I think it will go?

Randy Orton being attacked by the fan

is a good story line. Orton was supposed

to have gotten injured from the fan's

attack and then he was supposed to miss

most, if not all the raws and smackdowns

up to SummerSlam.

So people are made to forget about

Orton for about 3 weeks and then at

SummerSlam he will cash in his Money In

The Bank briefcase on the winner of

Cena v Bryan and become the new WWE


I personally see Bryan winning the initial

match and then right after his hard

earned win, Orton comes down and cashes

in, due to Bryan's exhaustion.

Then different superstars especially the

Big Show will tell Bryan that his WWE

Title reign was so short and pointless like

his World Heavyweight Title match loss to

Shaemus in 18 seconds. Big Show will say

that his 45 seconds meant nothing and

that Bryan now feels like Show did back

then, when Bryan cashed in on Henry

after show knocked Henry out.

And then the next couple of months

after summerslam Daniel Bryan keeps

losing his rematches with Orton until he is

out phased out of the WWE Title picture

all together!

Then I think bryan will win the 2014 royal

rumble and then finally win the WWE

Title at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans,


If all this happened, it would be so


What do you feel?

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    Although it would make me vomit to have a Bryan vs. Orton Main Event at Wrestlemania, what you said is somewhat feasible i guess. Everybody is predicting Bryan will beat Cena in a grueling match and then Orton will cash in, but we should remember to expect the unexpected. So if that's what actually happens i will be surprised.

  • 8 years ago

    Everyone has this crazy idea of Bryan winning the Rumble when it's still a while away, in my opinion Ryback will win the Rumble and win the WHC. Bryan will get a title shot either way at Mania if he's not champ by then.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like Cena, I like Bryan and I`d like to see him beat Cena and win the title but I`m sure somebody is going to cash in on Bryan. Thats how things work in that company, and especially at PPVs. I think your idea works but not sure about incorporating the Orton/Africa incident.

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