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Tom's / brother / . / is / Jack (重組句子)

小朋友寫的答案是 Tom's brother is Jack. 結果被打x扣分。

老師說答案應該是 Jack is Tom's brother.

小朋友認為兩個句子都是對的,所以回家問我為何 Tom's brother is Jack. 是不對的? 我看了老半天,也覺得兩個句子都是對的,所以想請教各位英文高手到底哪個是對的呀 ?


首先, 真的很感謝各位英文高手的解答,但我真的沒想到會引起DaSaGwa 和 Dark Helmet的爭執 ! 實在很抱歉呀! 其實我本人對於小孩學習英文的態度是抱持著 "英文是溝通的語言"...只要對方聽得懂並了解我們的意思,那目的就達到了。但礙於台灣令人不太苟同的教育制度,英文班的主任和老師還是建議孩子不要跟"分數"過不去。畢竟台灣的升學制度還是依據分數來論英雄。因此,我將最佳解答的評選交由各位英文高手來投票。謝謝DaSaGwa 和 Dark Helmet給予的各種建議,也感謝其他給予意見的網友們。

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    "Jack" is a people's name, not people's brother. If you want to use

    Tom's brother is Jack.

    You need to say:

    Tom's brother's name is Jack.

    However, you might ask:

    I am John.

    is correct, why not "Tom's brother is Jack".

    The problem, when you use "I am John", it implies "My name is John". However, "Tom's brother is Jack" doesn't have such an implication.

    2013-08-01 21:48:38 補充:

    On the other hand, Jack can be a brother to someone, so

    Jack is Tom's brother

    is correct!

    2013-08-01 22:10:52 補充:

    This can serve a good lesson for your kid to learn English. Not because of being grammatically correct, and the sentence is correct. Your kid is little, you shall focus on USING English in listening and speaking, not memorizing grammar rules and vocabularies.

    2013-08-01 22:14:32 補充:

    master AP, you put the sentence is a context, then yes, it will make sense. However, when you only have ONE single sentence, then using

    Tom's brother is Jack

    can be confusing.

    2013-08-01 22:16:33 補充:

    Does it mean:

    Tom's brother's name is Jack. (to indicate the name)


    Jack is Tom's brother. (to identify the relationship)

    2013-08-01 22:17:28 補充:

    In your demonstration, it is to indicate the name. However, poster's question is to indicate the relationship.

    2013-08-01 22:18:25 補充:


    ... you put the sentence is a ... ==> ... you put the sentence in a ...

    2013-08-01 22:28:14 補充:

    Master LionEnglish points out a very important issue for your kid, that is, INTEREST. Getting into this kind of grammar entanglement can greatly discourage your kid's interest in learning English.

    2013-08-01 22:30:54 補充:

    Like Master 26535's examples, once your kid uses English for a while, he or she can get the idea of how to use English properly based upon the context of the interaction between people.

    2013-08-01 22:34:14 補充:

    Master AP, I fully agree with you. After all, when I was a kid, my father was the steering wheel of my life. Now, I am the sole driver.

    2013-08-02 08:29:05 補充:

    Look like dog cannot change the habit to eat poop!

    2013-08-02 08:31:58 補充:

    Hopefully, it doesn't have rabies!

    2013-08-02 12:59:22 補充:

    I am surprised, you would fit yourself into other people's remarks.

    2013-08-02 22:06:39 補充:

    這個問題是一種邏輯, 你有問題的句子, 如果它是用來在對話中, 兩種方法都ok了。如果只是本身的話, " Jack is my brother " 是更清晰的陳述. "My brother is Jack" 可以有兩個不同的解釋, 就像上面說的

    2013-08-02 22:07:50 補充:

    Thanks a lot, master AP!

    2013-08-02 22:16:56 補充:

    This is just knowledge exchange, yet someone has to post oneself as an authority in judging right or wrong and use unfriendly statement really defeat the purpose and discourage.

    2013-08-02 22:21:09 補充:

    I mean this in opinion:

    Does it mean:

    Tom's brother's name is Jack. (to indicate the name)


    Jack is Tom's brother. (to identify the relationship)

    2013-08-04 09:30:53 補充:

    In that case, do you really think your answer is right grammatically or logically ?

    2013-08-04 09:32:36 補充:

    "logically", I refer to the "context logic and clearance".

    2013-08-04 09:34:26 補充:

    Not responding is because there is NO use to respond to your kind of answer and question. After all, you have NO space in your mind to objectively accept others' saying.

    2013-08-04 09:38:52 補充:

    Yet, subjectively, you think you are absolutely right. Besides, your explanation has NOT yet convinced me, "I am wrong," but more of self-righteousness.

    2013-08-04 09:45:35 補充:

    To me, your answer is very intuitive, without any further thinking, I can say that. After all, people can understand both sayings. The problem is when you think it further, "Tom's brother is Jack" might post ambiguity.

    2013-08-04 09:46:14 補充:

    This is WHY, after I have thought it over, I start realizing the minute difference between them.

    2013-08-04 09:48:13 補充:

    My answer has reflected such a thought. Maybe, you don't agree, but that is HOW I see it. After all this sentence is a single one, there is NO other context to further clarify its possible vagueness.

    2013-08-04 09:50:29 補充:

    I don't mind you point out my mistake if there is one. However, using those uncivilized provoking words is really not a person with demeanor shall do.

    2013-08-04 09:53:14 補充:

    If your apology is sincere, I will be more than grateful to accept. After all, we don't know each other or even see each other, but just know the account name of each other.

    2013-08-04 09:54:12 補充:

    On the other hand, making enemies with each other under such a circumstance is unwise and a stupid behavior.

    2013-08-04 10:05:35 補充:

    I know my English is still NOT good enough, otherwise, I won't benefit from reading those able masters' answers. Hence, if I do make mistakes, I will certainly appreciate your bringing them up to me, but without the unfriendly white noise.

  • 槑仙
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    6 years ago


    主詞+名詞 + 所有格+名詞 = Jack is Tom's brother.






    Tom's brother is Jack.(誰的 某人 是 名字)




  • 6 years ago

    首先對樓上司徒彼得的答案,有些話不吐不快:Tom's brother is Jack. 和 Tom's brother's name is Jack. 並無不同, 也就是如果前者是錯的,加了 ‘s name 也是一樣。 I am John = My name is John。 同樣的, Tom's brother is Jack = Tom's brother‘s name is Jack. 與本題無關的文法錯誤:“Jack” is a person’s name, 不是apeople's name.如果您採他最後不用重視文法的建議, 那您的孩子將來可能像他一樣寫出 vocabularies 這種字。 雖然字典裡可以看到 vocabulary的複數是 vocabularies 因為它是所有認識單字的集合名詞(collective noun) , 而 一個人只能有一個 vocabulary, 關於您的問題回答如下: 因為題目並沒有說明Tom 有幾個兄弟。 如果Tom 只有 一個兄弟, 那這兩句都是正確的 假設Jack和 Tom 還有其他兄弟,那受詞只能是 Tom’s brother. 如此除了 Jack 以外還可以有別人符合此條件。 如:Jack is Tom’sbrother. Mike is Tom’s brother.兩句並不衝突。但如果受詞是 Jack,那就只有Jack符合此條件。如果你說了 Tom’s brother is Jack. , 那就不可以再說Tom’s brother is Mike.

    2013-08-02 07:56:21 補充:

    "One of my friends is Jack" is perfectly fine; it's the same as "Jack is my friend."

    They both indicate that I have other friends besides Jack.

    My suggestion to Inmate26535,

    Do not argue with a fool, for the audience will not know the difference.

    2013-08-02 08:00:39 補充:

    Now, the example "Jack is my friend."

    suggests that I have only one friend - Jack,

    or at least Jack is my only friend who is presently at hand.

    If you remember geometry, only the contrapositive of a true statement is true; the converse and inverse are not necessarily true.

    2013-08-02 12:31:02 補充:

    You can take a horse to the lake, but you cannot make him drink the water.

    Oh well! No skin off my back.

    2013-08-03 18:59:35 補充:

    Sorry for questioning your intentions when I saw such bogus answer to a mother who is concerned with her child’s studies. Perhaps your intentions weren’t bad; your English was. Did you honestly think your answer was correct?

    2013-08-04 07:51:40 補充:

    Just as I thought! For all intents and purposes, a non-response is in fact a response in itself.

    2014-02-08 05:54:08 補充:


    我不知道也無法證明投票者投的的是否人情票,如果你真的認為 Tom’s brother is Jack 這句子不正確,而加了‘s name 就正確了,閣下的英文恐怕要再加強才夠資格在知識上投票。


    當然我也知道網絡上很多人的想法是 反正也沒人認識我,既然不用負責任還管他道德不道德? 你是這樣的人嗎?

  • Louis
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    6 years ago

    本人讚同DaSaGwa大師的分析。把專用名詞用來當主詞補語可能會有邏輯上的問題,你可以說Jack is one of my friends.但大概不能說One of my friends is Jack.

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  • 6 years ago

    小孩學英語,興趣最重要,不是對錯。 你讓孩子上這種補習班,合適嗎?

    孩子不知錯在哪裡,一定會累積在心中。 不是造成恐懼犯錯,就是對英文產生抗拒,沒有人喜歡做事被打大叉叉的!


    告訴孩子 Tom's brother is Jack。不是錯,但是介紹一個人,通常會說「小華是小明的哥哥」,從被介紹的人講起。 不過如果是在跟人家辯論,那說「小明的哥哥是小華啦!」也是可以的。 讓他知道英文還跟中文這麼像,好好玩。 先穩住他的興趣最要緊!

  • 6 years ago

    I don't see any problem with "Tom's brother is Jack."

    It is certainly grammatically correct. For the semantics, as all human language semantic is circumstantial. It may be the best in cases like:

    2013-08-01 22:10:56 補充:

    A: I think Booboo is Tom's brother - they look so alike.

    B. No way, Tom's bro is Jack(, not Booboo.)

    2013-08-01 22:13:05 補充:

    By the way, most teachers in day care may not have formal training in English at all. Please do not give too much hope on their teaching.

    2013-08-01 22:24:29 補充:

    For the sake of arguments, the following might also be correct:

    Brother Jack is Tom's. (I also had a toy called Brother Jack)

    Jack Brother is Tom's. (Tom owns a company called Jack Brother)

    2013-08-01 22:25:56 補充:

    Tom's jack is Brother. (Although I know Brother makes typewriters, not jack)

    2013-08-01 22:30:20 補充:

    Melon dude - I am a rebel and always like to think against the teachers (as matter of fact, all authorities).

    All kids deserve freedom in their mind and they should think way beyond the cages adults laid upon them.

    2013-08-01 22:32:47 補充:

    Hahaha, Sandy got an earful from the Lion dude. Give me the $ and I will day care your kid with real English...

    2013-08-01 22:37:23 補充:

    Melon dude needs to escape from the rules in Physics and join the freedom of human languages. Or is it the radiation in Lab 51 or the desert heat in New Mexico?

    2013-08-01 22:45:23 補充:

    Dude, "the saddest is the death of one's heart" and usually the death starts with the ability to imagine.

    Give me freedom or give me death!

    Making me a doctor does not help!

    2013-08-02 01:19:34 補充:

    Hmm, I beg to differ.

    One of my friends is Jack who just came back from a journey up at the top of the beanstalk.

    The above is a very common starting line of a great story.

    2013-08-02 21:36:58 補充:


    Civil debates, however fierce, are fine by me. But please no name calling, unless unjust (such as voting troops invocations and/or private dealings) was done.

    Both of you never did anything unjust and let's stay civil.

    2013-08-02 21:40:15 補充:

    And to Sandy - being a parent, you need to moderate your own post here. Stand up when your post is running too wild.

    And none of you don't need the preaching from a teen, do you?

    2013-08-04 00:12:07 補充:

    Thanks to both for returning to civil discussions.

    2013-08-13 18:24:32 補充:


    為了考試高分而讀書是 我們大人的髒秘密

    太早讓小孩子知道 一輩子就敗了

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