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Does dermatend work on freckles and/or flat moles?

I have two small moles on my face and dermatend is lightening them up and getting rid of them. i have a freckle though right above my lip and a couple of smaller ones around my mouth. Would Dermatend get rid of these, i have some left over...

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    I would suggest that you always check any moles on your body with your dermatologist for cancer. Watch if they grow bigger or become darker. Freckles on the other hand can be lightened and will become darker as soon as they are exposed to sun again. Make sure you wear SPF 20 on your face and neck.

    In their younger age Cindy Crawford (model) and Madonna made moles above the lip look sexy. Cindy has hers to this day. Madonna removed hers. I would say Cindy Crawford still looks good with it.

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