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How do I get back the girl I love? I swear I feel like my hearts gonna explode?

Sometimes it gets SO hard, srsly, breathing gets rly hard and I can't control myself I get Sooooo sad like I get into this really deep depression sadness for a bit. I love her soooooo much. Plz font say its a crush, I've had many crushes in the past and the feelings to away within days. It's been more then a month that I have lost her and I still miss her SOOOOO MUCH. I care abt her and am worried abt her, her Mom was a bit sick and she may be pressured into marriage by her family. I swear to God I love her SOooo much, she's beautiful, pious and perfect in everyway I swear. I miss her like crazy and I'm not a kid. My whole life I hated the idea of marriage and it made me feel suffocated but I just can't be without her.

Sometimes these rly deep waves come, like I always miss her and want her back and fel insha Allah God will bring her back to me. But then their are these times where a Super deep depression hits me when I think of her and I get a shortness of breath and I feel so down.

I would chase after her I swear I would go to the other side of the world for her, but I don't have any of her contact info and she deleted her email.

Plz make dua I marry her insha Allah and we start talking soon.

Plz email me Tam I miss u.


@carolina: it is english, maybe u shud take some english courses. If ur mad abt the slang, short hand vernacular, then dont bother wasting my time or urs :)

@I love: so being a good muslim means I cant love? wats wrong with u, ur so strict, i suggest u ease up a bit. Insha Allah when u have kids ur heart will be a bit softer sister. I want to marry her, isnt that sunnah :) Salam, plz make dua sis, salam

Update 2:

@Dr. Pink: I dont have FB, i think she does. I emailed u sis :)

Update 3:

@opinion: read my question over, clearly you misunderstood.

Update 4:

Not forcing, she loves me too, she's just mad

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    My dear brother, it pains me so much to see you so upset. I promise, I'm making duaa for you every chance I get. I pray that Allah (SWT) gives you the best of this world and the hereafter insha'Allah.

    Do you have a Facebook? Perhaps she's on Facebook? Or maybe you can try looking up her family's name under the phone book.

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  • veazey
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    3 years ago

    Bro, you have actually crammed your heart with this lady. heart is this way of factor, in case you took out all the blood out it would on the instant be crammed with air. A heart continually desires something to be linked too climate its music, alcohol, lady, its continuously wanting something to attraction to close on too. You seem to have completely permit your heart draw close onto a million guy or woman and all your desires are focused on one guy or woman and that's risky bro. heart needs to and could be crammed with the affection and concern of Allah basically!!! What you're able to desire to do from an Islamic attitude is organize a gathering along with her dad or mum and ask for her hand in marriage. If it somewhat works out high-quality, if it doesnt then bro you're able to desire to back off. that comparable heart could yern for Allah, no longer a created being of his! attempt to stay below Islamic guidlines and then see the interior piece you have.... Allah is commonly used with perfect!

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  • 7 years ago


    go to your room alone then sit on floor and take your hands up and sincerely pray to Allah to make your heart quiet and to give your wish soon.

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  • 7 years ago

    Slam Please visit her and her parents and tell them you love their daughter so much and you waant to marry her Besides that you must make duas to Allah for getting back her.

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  • Marry her if shes a Muslim I guess if your old enough if not then idk what to say I for one am not allowed to date so I also havee crushes and the sort but I need to hold on until maarraige.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Can you tell us why she doesn't email you anymore? What did you do?

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