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How do you make friends in high school?

Like, what do high school girls talk about? I go to an all-girl's catholic high school in the city and I have associates but I nobody I have things in common with. The reason I can't get too close with people is because of my house--it literally looks like a dump, and it's impossible to have anyone over my house (which a lot of the girls like to do), plus I'm not relatively wealthy, and I'm more into goth and indie culture which a lot of the girls at school find "weird" (because apparently black and goth are antonyms).

Does anyone have any advice on how to make friends with my situation or have any success stories?

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    When i got to highschool, i joined a drama club and a running club. Sure it took a while to make friends but being in a club means that you share the same interests. try taking up a hobby and see if there are any clubs around your school or town for it! and when you make real friends you'll know their for real because real friends love you for who you are :)

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    There's like no way. A real friend doesn't care about money.

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