Why did her bf try to add me as a friend?

This girl I used to see moved down to Texas. I got drunk a couple weeks ago and basically sexted her saying I wanted her but I was drunk being dumb and said that to another girl I know too... About 2 weeks later this girl from Texas messages me asking me why I said that? I told her I was drunk a couple weeks back after a baseball game and apologized to her about it. Her boyfriend then tried to add me as a friend on Facebook? Weird... So I blocked him and put her on restricted because I'm not trying to play games... Why did he try to add me? Lol thought it was pretty dumb considering we live 1000s of miles apart... Lol

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  • 7 years ago
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    He added you because he wants to protect her and see if you try to communicate with her again. He probably knows about the sexting and that you used to see her, so he thinks adding you will "put you in your place" so you don't mess with the girl anymore. Yes, you were drunk, and I'm sure he realizes that, but he must care enough about the girl in texas to watch out for her. I wouldn't take it personally that he added you; he would've done it to any other guy. A few months ago, this guy I used to see texted me and added me on facebook again. This upset my boyfriend, so he decided to add the guy as a friend to intimidate him. The guy was just trying to intimidate you, and if I were you, I would just avoid texting the girl. Maybe you should even delete her number.

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