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I'm so frustrated! Hashtags don't work on Instagram after spam incident?

I had a spam incident where I was hacked and some dumb picture of a smoothie was posted to my profile without my permission. I was locked out of my account and I had to reset my password three times in order to get back into my account. Now my hashtags aren't working at all. They tag, but they don't show up in any of the categories I post them in. I took some incredible pictures at the beach this past few days and none of them are getting barely any likes. My profile isn't set to private, and I'm really frustrated! Is this hashtagging problem happening to anyone else? :c

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    Oh my goodness, the EXACT same thing happened to me! A few days ago I got the weird "health drink" picture and I don't know how, I saw my friend's account had it but I didn't click on it or anything! I wasn't locked out of my account, I just had to change my password and the hacker had put a link in my bio I had to get rid of. I thought I was in the clear after that until I realized my hashtags aren't working :(. I take my Instagram kinda seriously and have put too much time and effort into it to start over, so I really hope this gets resolved. It's really discouraging to not have my pictures noticed at all when I worked so hard on them! I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one with this problem though.

    I just contacted Instagram about it, so IF I get a response I hope they say the problem is fixable. Good luck with yours!

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    I downloaded an instagram account hacker months ago at

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