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Sweet 16 ideas?????????

My birthday is in the Winter so that eliminates 80% of ideas. Please please help! My personality is laid back, I love rock music, and Im a pretty loud person... I've seen others ask this question and people gave answers like "roller skating arena!" No... I want to look back and make it memorable. A house party would be cool.. but if you tell me that please give me ideas to make it fun! Thanks! Sorry I'm kinda picky...

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    How about to do a rock star theme since you love rock !!!


    1 . Have a cupcake platter that is made from fake records

    2 . Have a disco ball hanging at the top

    3 . When your guest walk in you could hand them pass/badge that says V.I.P

    4. Have some fake microphones sitting around the place

    5 . Move everything so people will have space to dance

    6 . Have Bright balloons , and table cloths

    7 . Get lots of streamers and hang them up.

    8 . Put up some Rock posters.

    Guest Involvement

    Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite rock star, and to bring their favorite music to add to the Rock Star atmosphere. When they RSVP, ask each guest to submit one or two songs to add to the party playlist. It will make the guests feel like they had a hand in planning the party. You should rent or buy a little cool red carpet to roll out in front of your house so the guest can walk on and have your siblings or someone outside waiting for people to arrive and they snap pictures of everyone as they walk onto the red carpet as if they were paparazzi


    Set up a Mocktail bar (mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails) and serve virgin pina coladas and other smoothies in margarita glasses to let your guests feel like Rock Stars without breaking any major state laws. Check out this virgin pina colada recipe to get started, and remember that you can't go wrong with fresh fruit and tangy sorbet blended together for smoothies.


    1 . Have a cheese and cracker platter

    2 . Fruit platter

    3 . Tacos

    4 . Pizza

    5. Chips and Dip

    6 . Chips

    7 . Cupcakes

    Cake: Most true rockers love one thing—their guitars! Get a mold for a guitar-shaped cake and decorate it with bold colored frosting and the guest of honor's name. The kids will surely be talking about this rockin' cake for the rest of the night.

    Activities !!

    1 . Karaoke

    2 . Play games like 7 minutes in heaven , sardines , man hunt etc

    3 . Dance contest .

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    First of all happy birth day to you in advance. so to make it more memorable go out side from home and have much fun with friend.

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