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Ok huge fantasy baseball matchup? Who wins the week?

It's my team staterslave(12-5) #1 in the West Vs. DerekJeterHOF(14-3) #1 East

I have:

C: Mike Napoli

1B: Allen Craig

2B:Anthony Redon

3B:Padro Alvarez

SS:Everth Cabrera

OF:Jay Bruce

OF:Giancarlo Stanton

OF: Micheal Cuddyer

U: Andrelton Simmons

P:Pittsburgh Pirates

He Has:

C:Jonathan Lucroy

1B:Paul Goldschmidt

2B:Jose Altuve

3B:Hanley Ramirez

SS:Jose Reyes

OF:Alejandro De Aza

OF:Colby Rasmus

OF: Jose Bautista

U: Troy Tulowitzki

P: St. Louis Cardinals

To Add a little fuel to the fire, both him and me have done some mega trades:

I got OF Staton, OF Cuddyer, 3B Pedro alvarez and Pittsburgh P for OF Bautista

I got SS Cabrera, Boston P for SS Tulo

Who wins?


I traded Tulo to him, I think he drafted Reyes and he picked Hanley Rameriez as a FA

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    You're asking us to predict the future. All we can do is guess, really...

    Both teams are fairly equal, so both have a good shot at winning. It's going to come down to which team is hotter this week.

  • 6 years ago

    i favor his team slightly hanley is playing like the mvp right now goldy is havin a great yr. reyes is a dominican stud tulo is great btw how does he have the top 3 ss?? he could trade for some serious upgrades. i like his trade btw too he got tulo ss is less depth than outfield. but i liked you tradin bautista good move especially for the two throw ins outside of stanton. anyways his teams a little bit better than yours but with some micro managing you should do fine

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