Truck windshield wiper issue?

Hey everyone. I have a 2002 Ford Ranger, and here lately the windshield wipers along with the power windows periodically stop working. What I mean is, if they are working when I start the truck to go somewhere, they work the whole time. However, I may cut the truck off and then when I start it to go somewhere again the windshield wipers and power windows won't work, usually until I get to my destination, turn the truck off, and restart it. Sometimes when I restart it they'll work, sometimes not. But then later, I'll start it again, and they're working again, and will work for a few days!

Any ideas what it could be? Wires? Fuse? Something else? How much am I gonna have to fork over to fix this?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ignition switch or an ignition controlled relay. Loose wiring.

    Bad power feed to multiple relays?

    The wiper relay and power window relay are separate parts.

    There are MANY relay controlled circuits in that vehicle although many of them are the same part number and are interchangeable. $10 should get you a spare for several. RY612 is the SMC part number.

    Get hold of a wiring diagram and find the common points.

    This sort of thing is tedious to track down but parts cost is minimal.

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