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Fantasy football 12 team league, judge this roster?

HB: Doug Martin

HB2: Frank Gore

WR: Jordy Nelson

WR2: Lance Moore

TE: Jared Cook

Flex: Maurice Jones-Drew

D/ST: Broncos

K: Justin Tucker


Rashard Mendenhall

Chris Ivory

Shane Vereen

Alshon Jeffrey

Jacoby Jones

Carson Palmer

Zac Stacy

(last 3 were autopicks)


QB: Eli Manning

Update 2:

No love for my RB corps? :(

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  • JimBo
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    7 years ago
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    NO WR depth.

    QB is Ok.

    You needed to complete the draft and select some sleeper WR's instead of taking 7 RB's


    This team would go no where, unless you could trade your bench RB's

  • Mike
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    7 years ago

    Your RBs are very strong, but you could use help at QB, WR, and if you choose to do so, TE.

    Right now, Lets focus on WR.

    Jordy is a WR2, while Moore is a WR3. You've got them playing in spots which demand more production that what you are going to get from them. If I were you, I would look to make some trades. Look around the league for someone in need of a better starting RB. They will be more than likely to trade you a top 10 WR for MJD or Gore. Once you receive a top WR, slide him into your WR1 slot, and put Nelson in your WR2 slot where he belongs. Even with the loss of a starting RB, you will still be able to start Mendenhall, Ivory, or Vereen in the flex, which IMO, are very good flex options. Moore is best served on your bench anyway.

    For QB, you can't trust Eli every week. He won't be consistent enough to keep you competitive. Therefore, I would suggest trading Eli and a bench RB for a better QB. Someone in your league has 2 top 12 QBs. Look for that owner, find his weakness, and make the trade. I would like your team much better if it looked like this (assuming you traded MJD, Lance Moore, Eli, and Mendenhall):




    Julio Jones






    Good luck with trades! IMO, you will need them to be competitive.

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