My wife said she had a head ach and her eyes were acting funny the her right hand went numb?

Numbness gone still has head ach and tired

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  • 6 years ago
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    OK It really depends on the type of headache you have. So I will give you the major types of headaches and the symptoms. This sounds like a cervicogenic headache, but read below and see which headache fits best.

    Migraine- One sided, more common in females, Sensitivity to light, pain behind one eye, throbbing, brought on by bright lights, chocolate, cheese, red wine or menstrual cycle.

    Can also have an aura and have a funny taste.

    Hypertension- At the top and back of your head. Throbbing. You usually wake up with this headache and after about 3 hours it subsides. Usually caused by High Blood pressure. Need medicines to reduce blood pressure.

    Cluster Headache, adolescent to adult, more common in males, one sided, usually over temple or eye area, may have a blood shot eye, wakes you up at night, runny nose, sweating, tearing of the eyes, Worse in spring or fall, lasts 15min- 2hrs. relief for a little bit and then comes right back.

    Muscular tension- A band-like distribution around head (like wearing a very tight head band). Brought on by stress, tension, fatigue, work.

    Temporal Arteritis- Only over age 50. One sided over temple area, pain in jaw, burning, aching throbbing, sensitive scalp, fever. tender arteries. If visual symptoms- go to ER with this one.

    Cervicogenic(neck caused)- Pain in upper neck and back of head. Pain when moving the head. daily, reduced movement in neck area. Brought on by stress, head movement and head alignment. Can mimic a migraine including nausea. If it is a head and neck related alignment you can have temporal headaches or headaches that arc from behind the ear forward. Possible sharp pain behind your ear at the base of the skull along with correlated shoulder pain. Can last for days and weeks at a time until misalignment is corrected. Very little or only short term relief when taking headache medications.

    Sinus- Localized, certain positions are worse, steady throb, worse in the morning.

    Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- abrupt onset, constant stiff neck, feels like someone hit you in the head, Caused by high blood pressure, stress or aneurysm. Life threatening.

    Brain Tumor- Onset morning and evening, varies from mild to severe, may throb, wakes you up at night, symptoms getting worse, neck stiffness worse than ever.

    Subdural Hematoma- caused by trauma. It is a slow bleed in the brain. Natasha Richardson died from something like this.

    OK now that I have told you the types of headaches. Here is what you do for them.

    Migraines, muscular tension, cervicogenic, and some sinus and cluster headaches can be helped by a chiropractor. If it is sinus, you need to ask the chiropractor if they have a sinus/cranial treatment (not all do).

    For Hypertension, cluster, temporal arteritis (unless it has visual component) and brain tumor- go see your doctor

    For Temporal arteritis with visual impairment, subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hematoma, go to the Emergency Room right away.

    I hope this helps.

    I wish you the best.

    Source(s): I'm a chiropractor
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