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Good broadway songs for a 13 year old boy?

Hi, my son is auditioning for a play and he needs two songs from Broadway, and must be sung by a 13 year old boy. Anyone got ideas? :!

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    What play? And how much experience does he have singing? It makes a difference you know. Not all 13 year olds have the same amount of talent or skill--otherwise it would hardly be worth holding auditions at all.

    You don't want to pick something beyond the boy's current ability to sing, but you don't want to pick something that won't showcase a particularly fine young singer.

    Audition songs ideally should be similar to the music in style and range he would have to sing if he were to be cast in that particular play (or if he hopes to win a particular role). You also don't want to pick a song from the actual musical itself--unless they specificially request it.

    When they ask for two songs for an audition, they also tend to want songs that show some short of contrast. Usually you would pick a ballad and an up-tempo song.

    Because there really aren't many songs where the character is a 13 year old boy (or thereabouts), I'm not sure if you how literally you mean that the song must be sung by a 13 year old boy (or you just want something age-appropriate).

    It's going to be hard therefore to pick audition songs that won't have several other boys also singing them.

    Having not much to go by as far as what you actually need--here are some musicals with 13 year old boys (or thereabouts). Sometimes in musicals, children are actually played by adults (such as the often risqué "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"and the more wholesome "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". The movie musical version of "Sweeney Todd" cast a child actor in the role of Tobias but the role is played by an adult (who is supposed to be a child or a mentally challenged man) on stage. Even in cases where the character is 13, they sometimes cast a slightly older child that looks younger (like they may cast a short, baby-faced teen as an 8 or 10 year old)

    Jason Robert Brown's "13" (and normally people tell you to avoid JRB songs for auditions since they are both difficult to sing and overused)

    Elton John's "Billy Elliot"

    Marsha Norman/Lucy Simon's "The Secret Garden" (either Dickon or Colin)

    Rodgers & Hammerstein "Sound of Music"

    I probably could suggest more if I knew more audition details and had some idea of your son's best singing range (note I said "best"--not notes he can "almost" hit on "good days").

    You could always go Disney, but I think if there was any song I wouldn't recommend your son to sing is it's "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from "The Lion King".

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    Look up Billy Elliot (music by Elton John). The main character is a British boy about that age. I think "Electricity" might be a good song to look into.

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    The song "Gary, Indiana" from The Music Man was sung by the young Eddie Hodges.

    "My Best Girl" from Mame is sung by a young male.

    "Little People" in Les Miserables is sung by the boy, Gavroche

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    How about ... "Rise Above" & "Turn Off The Dark" from the "Spiderman" Broadway musical.

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