What is the word for temple in sanskrit?

I know there are a lot of synonyms, but I was wondering if there was one word that is most commonly used for temple.

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    Mandir is Hindi word.

    Mandira is Sanskrit word.

    Sanskrit Scholars in South India (Telugu--Tamil--Malayaalam Brahmins)are of the opinion that All sanskrit words should end with "m".Kannada Brahmins do Not insist on that.





    Yuktham--YOGAM they use "m"--but they do not say YOJNA"M"--but YOJANA--they say BHOJANAM-but not Yojana"m"

    Why? --I do not know--one has to ask South Indian Scholars only.

    South Indian Scholars do NOT use the word Mandiram for Hindu Temples--probably--they might feel that the term in Sanskrit does Not exclusively pin-point God's Dwelling place.

    Sanskrit Dictionary:-

    मन्दिर mandira n. dwelling

    मन्दिर mandira m.back of the knee

    मन्दिर mandira m. sea

    मन्दिर mandira n. town

    मन्दिर mandira n. any waiting or abiding-place

    मन्दिर mandira n. house

    मन्दिर mandira n. body

    मन्दिर mandira n. palace

    मन्दिर mandira n. temple

    मन्दिर mandira n. camp

    मन्दिर mandira n. castle

    मन्दिर mandira n. habitation

    मन्दिर mandira n. stable for horses

    But if one analyses this sentence carefully the word MANDIRAM is used.

    I have put "-----" (parentheses)

    श्वः हिमपातः भविष्यति इति दूरदर्शने अहं दृष्टवान् । अतः श्वः "मन्दिरं" निश्चयेन गमिष्यामि इति इदानीं वक्तुं न शक्यते zvaH himapAtaH bhaviSyati iti dUradarzane ahaM dRSTavAn | ataH zvaH "mandiraM" nizcayena gamiSyAmi iti idAnIM vaktuM na zakyate sent. I saw on the television that it is going to be snowing tomorrow. So now it is not possible to say that I will positively go to the "temple" tomorrow.

    In South India Scholars use the SANSKRIT word:-

    Deva Sthaanam (Andra--Tamil Nadu)--Deva Sthaana (Karnataka)

    Deva Aalayam (Christians also have borrowed Deva Aalayam from Hindus,)

    Devaaswam (Kerala)

    the adjective "Deva" qualifies the dwelling place for God only..

    Even in the WIKIPEDIA articcle our friend sri.Impure Evil has quoted--these points are discussed in the "Talk" (comments) portion.The first Line -=>Mandir--Mandira<= is quoted from Angela Wood's article,which is also contested.

    All the 4 States do NOT use the word Mandiram.

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    Mandir or Mandira.

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