How much do professors earn in the country of north sudan?


Specifically an islamic professor

Since in sudanese universities they teach islam to students

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    best I can find is at the web page (below) provides: Ambitious higher education reform plans for Africa’s newest nation

    New reform initiatives

    The new ministry is developing policies, and the three oldest universities are reviewing and upgrading all their programmes to meet the needs and aspirations of the new nation, Charles Bakheit indicated.

    He said that South Sudan recently approved a new salary structure for university staff, which is better than what was before. Hopefully, higher salaries would entice some staff in the north to return to the university, as none of them were dismissed.

    Akec cautiously welcomed the improved pay structure for academics: “It is higher than that for those of the north. For example, a professor in Sudan receives an average of SDG3,000 (about US$700) monthly at the current rate. In the south a full professor will receive SSP8,000 (or US$2,000).

    “However, South Sudan is five times more expensive than the north as a result of high food and fuel prices. It is a good gesture, nevertheless.”

    The ARFD’s Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol said the ministry was working hard to formulate laws and regulations for the smooth running of institutions. There were other important projects under way, including strategies to manage the five universities created by the Khartoum government, which did not have the capacity to deliver good quality higher education.

    Also Dr Peter Adwok, the higher education minister, had suspended more than 30 private universities in South Sudan. Most were not licensed as higher education institutions, while some were licensed as companies but did not have the academic capacity to award degrees. Their situation would be reviewed after a related act was passed in parliament.

    Wol said the ministry also intended to revise the policies pursued by Khartoum including the Student Support Fund, appointment and reward of lecturers and what the minister had called ‘election universities’ such as the universities of Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Western Equatoria, Torit, Bantiu and Alxadanderia Tonj Branch.

    John Apuruo Akec said Minister Adwok had announced his plan to give priority in funding to the five operating universities of Juba, Upper Nile, Bahr El Ghazal, Rumbek and Dr John Garang. The new universities would be treated as ‘projects’ to be executed by vice-chancellors with skeleton staff.

    On the international side, USAID has launched a US$1.4 million initiative to boost higher education in the field of agriculture. The partnership initiative – including the University of Juba, Catholic University of Sudan and higher education institutions in Virginia – was outlined last September in the USAID magazine Frontlines.

    The US-South Sudan partnership aims to produce high quality graduates to assist in agricultural development, generate knowledge through research to address agriculture and natural resource management needs, and create a university-based outreach programme that disseminates knowledge and builds the skills of South Sudanese farmers and agribusinesses.

    more at web page

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    My dad taught at khartoum university a long time ago not islamic studies but I don't think he got paid enough, just enough to support the family probably.

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