why there are so many stock symbols for volkswagen - VOW, VOW3, ELKAy, VLKPY..Which one to use for buying?

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  • John
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    7 years ago
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    The first thing to know is that there are multiple things that can trade on stock exchanges with tickers. There are:

    a) Common equity - These are traditional stocks.

    b) Preferred stocks - These are not traditional stocks and are more like bonds. You probably do not want to buy these unless you are into dividends and even then it is questionable. Look up preferred stock on investopedia for an introduction.

    c) Corporate bonds - Possible

    d) Depository receipts (ADR's, GDR's) - These are essentially securities of a foreign company purchased by a bank and put in a trust. Shares of the trust are offered in other countries on their stock exchanges. There are lots of "levels" of american depository receipts depending mostly on reporting requirements of the foreign company in the US. This is a key way of buying shares in foreign companies that do not feel like dealing with SEC horse poopie and selling stock directly in the US. Note that you take on currency risk on ADR's even though they are denominated in USD.

    VOW: Common equity traded on multiple European exchanges but not in US.

    VOW3: Preferred equity traded on multiple European exchanges but not in US

    VLKPY: Preferred equity in a US ADR traded OTC in the US. Probably this is VOW3 as an ADR, but I'm too lazy to do that research for you.

    ELKAy: No idea what you are talking about and doesn't come up on my system

    VLKAY: US ADR containing VOW traded in the US OTC. This is probably the stock you want to buy if you do not have access to foreign exchanges and want Volkswagen stock.

    Previous posters were idiots.

    • Thomas5 years agoReport

      It is truly difficult to discover the underlying nature of the VWAG ADRs because the common found finance sites all describe each ADR as if it were direct VW, talking about what VWAG does when they describe the ticker - and not spending ANY time on talking about what the ADR specifically is.

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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Apart from what Sean said (not referring to this stock in particular): stocks may be quoted on many exchanges around the world, sometimes you see different coding standards (a few letter ticker, ISIN or anything that fancies the particular data provider), sometimes you see derivatives of a stock...

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  • 7 years ago

    because the stock have classes,like berkshire hathaway that they have a and b. i think the most recommended one is the most common one

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