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Please help me with my teenage crisis?

Ok, so Im Cheerleader I just join about 2 months ago and I have cried twice at practice. The first time was about a month and a week ago because I was scared I was going to drop the flier (this my first time being on a cheer squad), then the second time was yesterday I had to go to cheer camp from 8 to 9:15pm and 2 of the girls that were on the team were yelling at me like they were my mother and telling me your a horrible base and 1 told everyone she hated me so burst out crying. When I came home I was so embarrassed that I was crying. Im a teenage I shouldn't be crying at this age. But should I be embarrassed about crying?

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    One should never be embarrassed about crying; when you force yourself not to cry it is a form of lying to yourself and your also bottling up your emotions which can dangerously explode one day. It is okay to cry over that believe it or not because you were hurt over it but you have to develop a thicker skin because cruelty like this is all over the world and it sometimes feeds on moments of weakness. Tell your mother or any responsible adult what happened also. Maybe they can do something to help. I know it seems embarrassing; I am a teenager too but it could really help in the long run!

    Source(s): I am a teenager who has been mistreated before.
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    It is ok to cry, no matter how old you are. It is very intimidating being the new girl on any team. It sounds like they take their cheering way seriously. Hang in there, it will get better.

    When you feel like you are going to try, try doing something else, try and tune them out, sing in your head, think about other things. Don't let them get to you! If this is what you want to do, don't let anyone intimidate you into stopping. And, if one girl claims to hate you, let her, its her loss!

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    crying is just your body releasing itself of stress. your tears carry hormones out of the body. its a natural way of relieving an overflow of emotion. it can be hard to control. when ever i feel like i'm about to cry my throat tightens and if i take a big gulp of water it makes my throat relax and i don't feel like i'm going to cry. try it! sometimes you just need to cry so do it and carry eyedrops with you so you won't look like you were crying. good luck!

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    All i can say is be yourself

    Source(s): Dnt let anyone get you down..do wat you love best and dont cry about it stand up fr yourself
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