Please remove me from Yahoo mail ASAP!!!!!?

I would ask to have all my Yahoo mail categories, along with any new e mails, to be emailed to, as I,m afraid of losing all my categories, and their contents, which are on

left side of my e mails if any. Thank you for your help in this transfer process.

James Fitzsimon

Formally jimdrum31@yahoo

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  • 6 years ago
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    Automatically forwarding new email is only available to Mail Plus customers.

    You can save all your emails to your personal computer files using a text document program such as Wordpad, Microsoft Word, or Oracle Open Office Writer. Open the email you wish to save, highlight the text and copy and paste it to your text document. You can forward individual emails to your new email address but since Yahoo does not allow emailing multiple messages at once and sending too many emails in a short time may trigger the security prompt, it is advisable to save or print your messages.

    "Backing up emails to your computer"

    Please do not delete your account unless you have saved all your important information. Once your account has been deleted it may not be possible to reactivate it and all deleted content saved within your account will be permanently deleted.

    To close your account:

    1. Click the following link:

    2. Re-enter your password

    - This will take you to the Account Termination page

    3. Enter your password and the CAPTCHA code

    4. Click the Terminate This Account button.

    Please note: Deleting your account will result in loss of access to email, folders, Flickr, Messenger, Profile, Yahoo Answers and all other content associated with this account and Yahoo ID (email address). Be sure to update your Facebook, twitter, instagram and any other sites that you have registered with your Yahoo ID.

    Information, links and instructions on how to delete your account can be found here:

    "Closing your Yahoo! account"

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