Why do my radeon 7950 crossfire crash?

I have 2 crossfire 7950.

Crash everytime I run a game

Bf3 , csgo , crysis etc

I tried 1 card solo, crashed.

I tried other card solo slot 2 , crashed. I tried both pci ports and swapping power cables on the 6 pins.

When I run after burner, gpu 2 sometimes doesn't move. Neither card in second pci slot two start on msi afb , but i still crash with 1 card in pci slot 1.. (There's a switch next to the crossfire bridge, channel 1 & 2, how should that be set?)..

Is my psu failing? Mainly because both cards have caused crashing.

On a side note, I'd play on my 55 tv sometimes and I would get driver stops and sometimes the game would just exit.

Now on my 27 monitor I constantly crash when running a game. The game closes or I blue screen with display adapters or new installed devices.

I have reinstalled windows and previously driver sweeped.

Is it a bad psu or am I messing up drivers and switchs and bridges.

Note* I feel like randomly one day the crashes started to occur



2x ssd

1tb hdd

6 extra fans

750 w ocz modular Bronze

Asrock z77 pro3

7950 crossfire

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