Did lots of transexual people die because of HRT?

I really want to transition but all these articles I read online are very discouraging. :C It really saddens me. These articles talk about how HRT is VERY dangerous and it has serious health risks. With all these, why would I want to even think of transitioning? I really want to but it is really discouraging. :C Can you transition, undergo HRT, but still be in good health?

Enlighten me please. Thank you :D


Thanks guys for the answers. I just feel so discouraged right now. Like this book here:


It scares the hell out of me and I feel like I should just be contented with what I am and not change a bit about myself. :C I am so scared.

Update 2:

And oh, I am a guy. I am 22 years old right now.

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    I haven't heard of any deaths from HRT and granted everything you read wont happen to you, and isn't guaranteed to happen because there aren't enough studies to prove one way or another. I really wouldn't pay any mind to it because they list the worst possible things they assume you could get, but that you probably wont actually get, you just have to understand there is a slim (but unlikely chance) that something severe will happen. When you are on HRT the endocrinologists make you get blood tests relatively every three months to check your vitals and such to make sure nothing is going wrong. There will be some guaranteed things, speaking strictly for FTMs, your red blood cell count will increase and your likelihood of your bad cholesterol levels going up are pretty normal, only because males produce more red blood cells and have more bad cholesterol easier than females. Doctors will take you off hormones if they notice anything potentially different than it should be, but more often than not, there wont be much. If, like me for example, Im on Testosterone and my red blood cell and T levels were too high, the doctor lowered my dose. Anything in life has risks but you have to decide if the Possibility that something COULD happen, is less than your desire to transition. If you really want to transition, go for it, because chances are nothing bad will happen anyways. Half of the things you read online are biased and opinionated anyways. Its dangerous if you don't have bloodwork and a doctor monitoring you while you take hormones, but it is perfectly safe if you do it right. I have never heard of anyone dying from HRT nor anything too serious. There will be some changes on hormones, naturally, but nothing that will be harmful. Plenty people I have seen transition for years on hormones and are just fine. Just look up FTM and MTF transitions on youtube and google F*** yeah FTMs (its a tumblr) but its from actual guys that post and share about their transition. It helps a lot.

    Source(s): Been on T a little over 6 months and the worst I've had is an increased red blood cell count which could lead to stuff, but with exercise and my doctor watching and lowering my dose, it presents no problem. The worst after that is just acne somewhat an a pins and needles feeling in my face when I get overheated.
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    what articles?

    yes, you can **** yourself up completely. but if you do it right, under doctor's supervision, and keep yourself healthy, the risks are minimal.

    there is also the matter of risk versus benefit. if i hadn't started taking hormones when i was 21 i wouldn't have lived to be 22, let alone lived to write this answer. i'm 51 now...

    fwiw, the only health issues i've had have been typical ones for a middle-aged woman: weight issues, and my gallbladder. i note that many of the issues in the linked article relate more to older transitioners.

    Source(s): boring suburban transgirl who flies airplanes
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