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Who won estrada vs melindo yesterday?

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    Estrada dropped Melindo late and won a pretty wide unanimous decision.

    Solid fight though, Estrada is always in good fights.

  • teodor
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    As I feared and many Pinoys anticipated, Estrada employed his now getting famous strategy of coasting along in the opening rounds while thoroughly studying the opponent, making adjustments and tiring the opponent by forcing him to work harder in the middle rounds and as fatigue set in on the foe, taking control of the fight in the so-called championship rounds, to win pulling away.

    Likened to a car, Estrada has a fifth gear.Alas, Melindo like Viloria before him could only shift to the fourth gear at most. Melindo's camp claimed that they worked on improving Milan's stamina but it was obvious in the fight that either they failed in doing so or they failed in pacing him for the entire route.

    Estrada was at his A top physical condition and this was very evident because he never tired despite perpetually moving and using the entire length and breadth of the ring which on the other hand, visibly tired out Melindo compounding the eye injury he sustained and the punishments he had to endure in the course of the fight. Estrada never showed any facial signs of damage despite getting tagged occasionally This is also because he could roll with the punch.

    Estrada reminds me much of Erik Morales although JF is more mobile, durable and versatile, I think.

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    like i said, melindo got questionable stamina... performing well on the early rounds and slowing down after the 10th, dropped at the 12th and got saved by the bell...

    samething might happen to canelo...hahahahahaaaa

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