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Any good oil additives?

I have montero with 208k and it burns oil, I put in stp high mileage oil treatment and it did do a little good to the engine, but I am more convinced to use lucas oil stabilizer nxt time. Pls suggest some good additives that will work.


Yes, I do use 20w50 but still I would be more satisfied if I add lucas additive. Also stp is okay.

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    if your car burning oil then the additives will only do so much. switch to 20w50. The oil is thicker and you should notice a difference in the amount of oil your car burns. Lucas is the best addictive then next I would suggest bg moa

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    Lucas Oil Satbliizer is virtually the same thing as STP oil aditive just there is more of it, so it might appear to work better.

    No I am sorry to say there is no genie in a bottle fix for your engine, it either has bad valve seats/guide seals or the rings are worn allowing oil into the cylinders causing it to burn the oil.

    Its no surprise with 208k on it its burning some oil, it needs a rebuild or at least some major engine work to correct the issue. No matter what you try it WILL get worse.

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    I worked in a few lube shops over a 10 year period and i would swear by the lucas motor additive. Not only does it help with oil burn off, but i've witnessed it quiet down top end noise. Not only is the oil additive good, but all their fluid lines work. I've seen the power steering additive stop a power steering leak, and the transmission additive has made a transmission with gears that slip drive normal. I would definately go with the lucas.

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