Well its Official Teo Gutierrez to River Plate and cruz azul to sign a new striker in hours?

Teo was seen leaving on the airplane to Argentina and finish his move to River. I can't believe Cruz Azul accepted the offer but than again we don't wanna keep a player long in the sub 20 when his desire is to play at River. I don't hate Teo since every professional player is a regular human being and has the right to make their own decisions. He wants to improve his career and of course be ready for the world cup because Colombia has alot of competition upfront in the striker zone. Argentinian league is more competitive and overall better league than Liga Mx. I wish the player goodluck at his new club. In other terms Azul fans the Uruguayan striker Rodrigo Mora was seen in Mexico City yesterday and rumor is he is ready to sign a contract with cruz azul.Alot of River Plate fans have talked good about the striker. From the numbers i seen he seems like a good striker and was consistent at Penarol(Uruguay) and River Plate. His playing is a some what similar to Teo in having great shots. If he comes than hopefully he benches Pavone. Supposedly this player will be signed by tommorow or Tuesday and rumor is cruz azul have another player ready to be signed to add as an extranjero spot since Chaco is now Naturalizado. Hopefully its a playmaker because we really need that.

Thoughts? mostly Azul fans opinions

Video of Mora's skills:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFE9S89w9do

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@ Running 2. Remember when they said the padres would win the NL west lol. Do you think there will be a Pirates vs Dodgers as the National League Championship game?

Update 2:

I ain't gonna Puig gave us that boost of confidence jeje but I still think the dodgers and pirates will surprise in the post season. Redsox are favorites to win the World Series. AL east is beasting it as a division.

Update 3:

@ Running 2 and JC

Since both your teams have great 3rd baseman's ya'll better watch out for the yankees because they are in desperate need of a 3rd baseman since A-rod is crap. They will try to snatch Evan Longoria and Josh Donaldson for next season. But running 2 don't worry the Rays will be in the play-offs but i think they will make the wild card race. Only team i would worry from the AL Wild card is the Rangers and Orioles.James Loney has surprised me the most in that club. He has regain that level he had before in LA. Jennings is another notable player for them. I think the dodgers will win the NL west this year and make post-season again we spend alot and can't throw this season away. The cardinals have done such a great job even with important injuries like Jamie Garcia who is a good ace pitcher for them. Cardinals are always a candidate to take the NCLS. Molina in my opinion has been one of the best catchers in the NL. They have good hitters like Beltran, Holli

Update 4:

@ JC AL central to me is the weakest division out of the American League. I would like to see the Indians make it back to the play-offs but something tells me Detriot will hold on to the lead. It can go either way. I see The Redsox,Rays,A's,and Tigers as my candidates for the AL play-offs. Redsox are the biggest contender to win the WS.

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    Well doesn't that suck.. Gutierrez played great in his first season with Cruz Azul, he might have just improved in his second season. He probably just didn't feel comfortable in Mexico idk, River Plate did just sign a good player that's for sure. Lets see if the new striker they get plays good.

    ... Where would the LA Dodgers be without Yasiel Puig? Jeje.

    Edit: Dodgers are in a very tight group... We might just even see the Diamonbacks take the NL West, Hell.. Even the Rockies can make a come back. Padres & Giants not so much. And yeah your right about the AL East.. Red Sox, Rays & Orioles are fighting on who takes it.

    .. Yeah i say Rays make playoffs through Wild Card. Not worried too much on the Rangers, they haven't been giving good results lately. Orioles have a beast offense so i'm not counting them out yet, lets not forget they are in a tight group as well. I see them making playoffs, most likely Wild Card. Man i'm juiced the A's are leading their division by 6 games. Hey you see Detroit taking their division or Cleveland managing to take it?

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    Ya man, also the Giants. The Dodgers weren't in a good position during the start of the season. Its good to see the Dodgers surging, it's tough to say that for the NLCS, but I think the Cardinals are defiantly another top contender, some of their starting players are at around .280 bat avg, freaking great. I'm a Rays fan, the divison is by far the toughest, The RedSox have been tremendous all season, a complete turnaround. The AL Wildcard is going to be good, Rays, RedSox, most likely 2nd place of AL East takes the Wild Card. I'm excited. Game vs Boston tomorrow, a make up game.

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    Hopefully Mora will do a good job,we are in desperate need of a striker,pavone isn't doing much damage and no one else is stepping up.

  • 6 years ago

    Teo sux asss anyways

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  • 6 years ago

    You guys overhyped teo

  • 6 years ago

    **** Teo

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