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Nicki Minaj Vs Lil Kim?

Who do you think would win? AND DONT JUDGE NICKI BY "STUPID HOE". She's had WAAAAYYY too many meaningful that prove her dominance in the industry. Lil K is a plastic surgery crap head. And body.

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    Lil' Kim.

    Her first album is considered to be a classic, and a blueprint for other female rappers. There were other females such as MC Lyte and Da Brat, but Kim was the first to prove that a females could act as females and be rappers and be commercially successful at it. Kim was outselling her male counter parts in her prime.

    Kim was banned from performing at clubs and venues across the United States because her lyrics were raunchy and real. She broke the barrier for later females such as Eve and Nicki. It's because of Kim that Nicki can perform at clubs and be as explicit as she is.

    It's also because of Kim that labels such as Young Money were able to look at Nicki. If Kim never proved that females can be commercially successful at being female MCs, labels would be more hesitant to sign them.

    And just because Kim has had plastic surgery doesn't take away from what she's done for Hip Hop. She doesn't deserve any less respect just because of how she looks.

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    Kim Is The Queen Crowned by the Infamous B.I.G Nicki Copies To Many Other Celebs (Lady Gaga Style) (Lil Kim Style) (Gwen Stefani Harajuku Barbies)

  • Lil Kim better in lyricism and abrasiveness. A sucker punch from Lil Kim beats a sucker punch from nicki minaj all day.

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    Hands down Kim ! Her raps are nastyyyyy ! She's the best a what she's does or did

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    Lil Kim is the queen, hands down. Junior MAFIA.

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    romans revenge substitute into supposedly approximately nicki's regulate ego. not gonna lie yet i dont like nicki, however the pork between them is stupid as f*ck. the artists who diss one yet another are on some low point ish.

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    Not really a fan of either. But I gotta say LK.

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